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EMP DLA MEDICAL enquiry 9 years 8 months ago #18242


I've searched the forum but can't find the answer to this, though I would think it's quite a common question for those facing a DLA medical. Sorry if this has been asked and answered, as I know moderators are extra busy at the moment - I just couldn't find it.

Please can you tell me whether the EMP who visits to carry out a home medical for DLA has been given a copy of the claimants completed form and any accompanying G.P. report etc to read before the visit? Or has even just been given the name of the particular illness on the form?

My own guess (and it is just a guess) would be yes, as in past experiences of these visits, they seem to have already made up their mind from the moment they've arrived at the door!
Plus, on receiving a copy of their report (for an appeal), there have been specific comments written by them that I know weren't discussed during the visit, but were on my renewal form practically word for word.
It would be useful to know whether they do have prior knowledge of the claimants illness and disabilities, as it could surely influence their assessment if they are ill-informed (ignorant?!) or biased against certain illnesses (i.e. M.E.)

Keep up the great work - we all appreciate your efforts, especially at the moment, and hope you'll all be back to a full compliment before long.



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Re:EMP DLA MEDICAL enquiry 9 years 8 months ago #18245

Hi bunty,

As far as I'm aware the visiting doctor should be given a copy of your claim form, but not necessarily any other medical evidenec. Whether they read them or not probably depends on the doctor.

Good luck,


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Re:EMP DLA MEDICAL enquiry 9 years 8 months ago #18252

  • kathy1
Hi Bunty,

I had a recent DLA medical at home, Dr had definatley seen my form, and also my previous DLA EMP report. I complained that she had seen my previous medical, got reply back from med services with no denial that she had seen this previous one and advising me to get in touch with reconsideration and appeals team re why.

I'm not bothering myself getting intouch with any more of them, I will just discuss the unfairness of this at my Oral Hearing.

I dont really have any objection to the fact that they see the actual application form for DLA, just previous medical opinion bebause imo, their opinion becomes way less impartial.


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