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TOPIC: PIP renewal

PIP renewal 5 months 1 week ago #221464


In principle, the DWP should forward on the reports but we have seen them become separated!

So an assessor will look at your form and evidence to decide whether an assessment is required or not, if one is then your information is passed to admin to arrange the booking.

Best guess 3-6 weeks.


PIP renewal 5 months 6 days ago #221489

Thanks Gordon

I've just read this though from the guide:

'The Award Review form goes to a DWP case manager (decision maker) initially, rather than a
health professional.
DWP guidance says the case manager “will compare the new information against the evidence from
the previous assessment”. The case manager can also contact you or your carer for more
information, but cannot send for more medical evidence.
If the case manager cannot make a decision, then all the information is forwarded to Independent
Assessment Services or Capita for assessment by a health professional. ...
So bear in mind when completing the Award Review form that your initial aim is initially to try to
convince, not a health professional, but a DWP case manager that your evidence is sufficiently
accurate and detailed for a decision to be made.
The purpose of the Award Review form is to speed up the renewal process and cut costs by nor
involving Independent Assessment Services or Capita. So there is pressure on the case manager to
make a decision themselves where there is strong evidence to allow them to do so. So good
supporting evidence, especially medical evidence, may make a big difference.'

So sorry has it changed now from what the guide is saying? bit confused


PIP renewal 5 months 6 days ago #221496


This is the correct procedure but you are assuming far more of the DM than happens in reality.

I' not sure that I can identify anybody on the forum where the DM has categorically made the Decision without reference to an Assessment Provider.

Look, this is your claim and I only offering advice, if you are not comfortable with what I am saying then do what you think is best, I'm not going to be offended or upset if you do and it's not going to stop me helping if you ask further questions.


PIP renewal 5 months 6 days ago #221497

Hi Gordon,

Sorry I think there may be a misunderstanding, I am not doubting what you're saying but the B & W guide is saying different and I just want to know which is right?


PIP renewal 5 months 6 days ago #221502


You need to understand that the DWP don't always follow the procedures that they have or if they do, not to the extent that one might expect.

We have seen them do this on multiple occasions, poor training, local processes that incorrectly override national ones, staff thinking that they know what is right when they don't.

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PIP renewal 5 months 2 days ago #221670

Hi Gordon,
My medical evidence is being ammended but want to ask your advice on the planning journeys descriptor.

He is saying basically that due to anxiety that I often feel overwhelmed to undertake a journey and will avoid doing this unless suppported and prompted to go out

However, he has also said when attempting a journey that it will significantly affect my energy levels and cause me to have prolonged rest to recover and could last for several days - in reference to this I did point out to him previously that this descriptor is about mental health. So I'm not sure whether to get him to delete this or leave it in as it is true and he has mentioned my anxiety in any case? or whether it would undermine my evidence.

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