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TOPIC: What to expect from PIP 'review' assessment?

What to expect from PIP 'review' assessment? 3 months 1 week ago #223978

I have a couple of questions relating to PIP and thought I would keep it to this one thread, firstly what is the difference between the PIP assessment for a review and the original assessment? Or will they just be identical?

Also, I sent back my review forms at the start of October and have heard absolutely nothing since, PIP has just been being paid in as normal. I presume if the award was just going to be renewed then I would have heard from the DWP by now, so its more likely I will be getting called for another assessment at some point? Or have I got that wrong.

What to expect from PIP 'review' assessment? 3 months 1 week ago #224002


The only significant difference in the assessments will be the assessor having a copy of your PIP2 and the report from your original assessment, the interview itself will be the same subject to the variations from one assessor to another.

I would check with the Assessment Provider for your area, I would have expected you to have heard about whether a face to face is required or not by now.



IAS (formerly ATOS)


What to expect from PIP 'review' assessment? 1 month 4 weeks ago #226661

I had a text today stating 'Thanks for sending us your how your disability affects you form, we may need you to attend a consultation, we'll contact you again if we do'.
So months and months later it seems they have got round to looking at my review and looks like I will more than likely have to attend a face 2 face, this has now filled me with dread!
I want to prepare myself so I have the best possible chance of keeping my award which is just the standard care.
Do you have any guides specifically for the assessment?

What to expect from PIP 'review' assessment? 1 month 4 weeks ago #226673


The PIP Claim guide has sections on the assessment and the questions you are likely to be asked.


What to expect from PIP 'review' assessment? 2 weeks 8 hours ago #228893

I had the assessment this week and its triggered the worst anxiety, as I just do not know what to expect, I am hearing so many horror stories and someone I know has been talking about preparing myself for mandatory reconsideration and tribunal as most mental health fail the PIP test.

I wanted to ask, the assessor said to me at the end - ''i shouldnt really say this but you have nothing to worry about'', (in regards to my claim) obviously that should have put my mind at ease, but do they just say this to everyone?!
Also how long on average at the moment to wait to hear about a decision?

What to expect from PIP 'review' assessment? 1 week 6 days ago #228927


To be honest they should not say it to anyone :(

PIP Decisions are taking around 10 weeks across most of the country.

You can request a copy of the assessment report by contacting the DWP office dealing with your claim.

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