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TOPIC: I am disgusted with doctors

I am disgusted with doctors 3 months 19 hours ago #231088

i have just picked up a copy of the ESA113 from my doctor surgery, to say i am disgusted is an understatement
i have just found out that i have been transferred to a different named doctor, the doctor who i normally see is leaving and he knows me inside out with all my medical problems, we cannot get an appointment with him to try and sort things out on the form, this new doctor has only put that i have 1 prolapsed disc from 2002, no medication nothing.
I have 7 discs prolapsed in my back, 2 discs prolapsed in my neck as well as a piece of bone broken off and stuck in my spinal chord. I have severe IBS, i have been diagnosed wit ME i have sever arthritis in my hip foot shoulders and neck, i suffer with depression and anxiety as well.
I take 200mg of morphine every single day 1200mg of gabapentin every day plus lots of other medications.
I have never seen this doctor before and have tried making an appointment to see her but nothing is available with any doctor until the end of june, my assessment is in 2 weeks time, it is pretty obvious to me that this doctor has not read my medical notes on file, because if she did she would of noticed i have just had an MRI scan showing all the discs gone in my back for a start.
I have spoken on the phone just, the receptionist understands how mad i am with this doctor because i am in the support group already and with this non information will lead us to probably loosing my ESA . I also currently get full rate mobility and full rate care component which i was awarded a little while ago and this could or probably affect that as well.
She is getting the manager to phone tomorrow morning to try an sort things, but as i told her the DWP already have the info from the ESA113. I have told her there will definately be a complaint going into the surgery about her and will be having a word with our MP..
HELP please what can i do ????? I am so angry at the moment and so is my partner as we can loose our house through this as well, i am in no way capable of going to work and neither is my partner as she has to care for me 24/7.
sorry for the whinge but this is infuriating especially when you cannot even get a doctors appointment.
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I am disgusted with doctors 3 months 17 hours ago #231112

Hi darrenay

I am sure when you speak to the manager you will ask them to provide more up-to-date information which could be submitted even now. If they do this you can also take a copy to your assessment.

The GP's form is only one part of the evidence and at the assessment, you will be able to confirm your medication and your current physical and mental health conditions and the impact it has on your life and against the stated criteria. You can also tell the assessor this is not a doctor who knows you if you have been unable to get further information.

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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

I am disgusted with doctors 2 months 4 weeks ago #231163

just had a meeting with the surgery reception manager regarding no proper information from doctor, Just gone through the form info and on it it asks about how things affect me, the doctor has put unknown to all, then it asks if i can travel to the assessment by public transport or taxi, she has put yes.
How the hell can she put unknown to everything but tick yes to the methods of transport when she clearly says she doesn't know me.

I have just come off of the phone from the doctor, all she has said is i only filled in what have you been to the doctors for in the last year, which we pointed out to her that my issues are ongoing and she is going to phone the place where the form has to be sent and tell them to disregard the first form as she is sending a new updated form with all my issues and showing all my meds, of which 2 are controlled drugs.
When i said to her that this no information could loose me my esa benefit ( support group ), her answer was quite disgusting, she said it does not matter because you can appeal the decision, what a thing to say.
we have taken my ME diagnosis letter to the job centre, the bloke scanned and sent off to the assessors and is also sending the copy via internal mail as well. We also have sent a copy via post recorded delivery as well. just got lots of worrying to do now up until sat 8/6/19
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I am disgusted with doctors 2 months 4 weeks ago #231182

Hi Darrenay. I would advise everyone on this website to get a copy of their medical summary before their review is due and also to request copies of any letters/reports from consultants. I have just had the same issue as you. All my medical summary had listed was M.E, vertigo and diabetes type 2. No mention of Fibromyalgia, chronic neuropathic anal pain and incontinence, urge bladder incontinence, osteoarthritis in neck, bulging and collapsed discs in lower spine, IBS, carpel tunnel in both arms, depression and anxiety. I spoke to the receptionist who told me she would arrange a GP call in 8 days. The GP who rang me was a locum who I have never met. After he making excuses, I said all I wanted was an accurate medical summary. I had left a list of what was missing for the GP. When I said only M.E was listed but I also have Fibromyalgia he said I couldn’t have both??? They are the same thing. I said that was strange as it was the physio at the M.E pain clinic that diagnosed Fibromyalgia 15 years after my M.E diagnosis. I understand exactly how you feel. We should be able to put our full trust in our medical professionals but when we find we can’t then what hope is there for us getting medical evidence to back up our claims.
As long as you come under one of the categories to get you into the support group you should qualify. Get a close member of your family to write a letter of support. Get a copy of your prescription and also complete a few days diary off this website for members showing how your days are severely impacted by your conditions. Good luck.
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I am disgusted with doctors 2 months 4 weeks ago #231212

I am so sorry this is happening to you, Darrenay. I too have experienced poor quality care from my GP's surgery. There is absolutely no continuity of care. I feel like a number not a human being; and for the last five years (since I moved surgeries having moved where I live) I rarely see the same doctor. I wrote a post here yesterday regarding my recent ESA Assessment www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/forum/10-dla-e...een-necessary#231180 which I really would not have needed to attend if my doctor had filled in the ESA113 report sent and asked for by the Agency assessing me. I was told this by the Health Professional Assessor at my ESA Assessment. This woman treated me with such respect and was apologetic that I had had to go for the assessment as the information on my ESA50 form sent in (and previous evidence they had; including psychiatrist letters) had made them think it was not worth calling me in for it. They had written to my doctor sending this ESA113 form for them to fill out about me, and not received anything back they called me in (this form incidentally is still in my doctors surgery system waiting to be responded to - it is over 8 weeks since they received a request for this report).
At the time of the ESA Assessment when I was told this I was angry at my surgery for not doing this for me. Now I am thinking I am grateful it wasn’t filled in reading your post, and as in the past I asked for a letter (for a private organisation) verifying how my health affected me; and all I got was a basic print out that said so little. Enough to verify I had some of the diagnoses of conditions (not all) and nothing as to how they affect me. I paid £20 for this letter four years ago. These are now £30 and £50 if I want a more in depth one apparently, that is for the DWP if I wish to include in any supporting evidence for applying for PIP or ESA. I am lucky enough to have letters that have been written, where I and the GP has been copied in from my psychiatrist and ones from my psychiatric nurse and these verify my ongoing conditions.
Regarding my CFS, I have little evidence as there is nothing anyone can do for me in that. I manage that as best I can. There is evidence further back in my file regarding my diagnosis of this, but I have no faith anyone will see this.
For my file at my doctors surgery I had my carer (previously an OT) write a letter and accompanying document that very clearly states my psychiatric and physical conditions history in bullet points. This was asked to be put at the front of my file. This was only two months ago. I managed to see the same doctor who had read through this a month ago and she did find it in my file – but it is not at the top – it is in the order of other correspondence that my surgery has since received from me; so no use really in helping any doctor to see and know all that is ongoing for me easily.
My reason for going to see a doctor yesterday at my surgery (managing to book the same doctor as the one that I saw last time) to ask for a written letter to support my lower mobility PIP Mandatory Reconsideration as I was rejected for this when I went for my Face to Face PIP assessment. I was assessed to be able to walk 200 metres – how this was come to, I have no idea. I walk with a stick and have to rest whilst walking a little way and only walked down a short corridor, If I had to go further than this I know I would suffer post exertion malaise the next day and be in bed. As it was because of the stress of the appointment I was so weak and in pain I could not get out of bed for two days. However, nothing regarding my mental health conditions was taken into account. This is what I am appealing on and will definitely have enough points on as I suffer PTSD and get triggered easily out on my own and get panic attacks; and if in the extreme, dissociate and not know where I am therefore I am unsafe alone going out. This doctor has assured me once I have filled in a form ‘Request form for Non-NHS Services’ – Letter for Disability Claims and that is given to her she has promised to phone me and discuss what she has written and if I want something else added or changed she will do this if she thinks this appropriate. I believe her. She is a nice young empathetic doctor, and sadly not going to stay long, apparently, at the surgery.
However, to add, I was lucky enough to be assessed and awarded for the daily care allowance of PIP for 3 years. And, now I have had my assessment for ESA – and the health professional kind enough to assure me I will have enough points to get it I will have enough to live on and have some care; but not enough to really manage to go outside.
Anyway, I am sure you weren’t in any mood, or maybe have the energy to read all this Darrenay. I apologise for that; but I hope seeing that you are not alone in that I and many are suffering because GP surgeries do not have enough doctors, and their system set that no one doctor can be allocated to you and that the information they have on file seems often inadequate or that the doctor writing any report unwilling to look through to give supporting evidence.
I so hope you do not lose any money whilst you gather evidence for ESA. It is stress you do not need going through what you are. I am sorry you are going through this. Keep us informed here. All I can do is support you and encourage you by writing here.
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I am disgusted with doctors 2 months 3 weeks ago #231435

my partner went to the doctors surgery the other afternoon, she told the receptionist what had happened with this doctor, Oh yes she said she has telephoned the esa assessment or dwp people and told them that she had her information wrong and incomplete and that they were to disregard the previous form because she did not know me and had to check back into my file to get the correct information as my issues are long term and not within the 12 months she thought.

I don't mind if she fills in the other sections where she says she doesn't know how my issues affect me because she doesn't.
Lets just hope she has filled it in correct this time, we will be informed when a copy is ready for us to collect. I am a bit miffed about the form being sent out by the assessment centre or dwp because all she had to do was do what we said to her and download it.

Fingers and everything else crossed as i don't want to loose my PIP as well, that is full Care and full Mobility. I have heard that Esa can effect the PIP.
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