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EAS Success without an Interview! 1 year 9 months ago #233221

A huge massive thank you to all of you wonderful people at Benefits and Work!
Having been claiming Universal Credit since last August following my termination of contract from the NHS for health related issues (which they caused), and told I would have the New Style ESA, I waited until March of this year to be sent my ESA50 form, despite myself and my Work Coach chasing it up. I had provided fit notes all this time, and my work coach had been great, only making me agree to any work commitments on the one occasion I went in to see when I was having a good day. These were relaxed at the next meeting.
I sent my form in, after reading everything you had to offer on ESA. I put in as much detail as I could, gave examples of how I manage/don't manage, put in continuation sheets and everything else you suggested and on 12 June I had an email saying that I would be placed in the Support Group without the need for a face to face meeting!
I cried with joy as DWP had been taking an overpayment of Housing Benefit from me (£46 a month which they didn't give me prior notice of) and with paying back the advance I had to take last August I was living in deficit and unable to pay my fuel bills.
In the email that UC sent me they said that I would receive a letter to let me know if I would be entitled to any back pay. I haven't received any letter, and following my Payment Statement in my UC Account on Friday, I haven't had any. Does anyone know if I should get some? It would be nice to MOT my car and restock my larder.
Many thanks for all you've done. And sorry this was so long, I couldn't stop once I'd started!

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EAS Success without an Interview! 1 year 9 months ago #233240

  • Gordon
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Congratulations on being placed in the Support/LCWRA Group.

Was the assessment done for your NS ESA claim or the UC one? You may need to chase the two departments to make sure that the award is attributed to both benefits.

There is a 13 week Assessment period for NS ESA so your SG award will be paid from the beginning of week 14. For UC it is slightly more complicated, The LCWRA Element will be paid in the first pay period three months after you declared you had Limited Capability for Work.


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