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SEVERE DISABILITY PREMIUM? 4 months 1 day ago #233862

Hi, I wondered if you could explain what this is? I have recent been awarded ESA Support group and more recently my PIP claim was successful giving me so much help with my constant health difficulties.
I received a form today about a claim for the severe disability premium which I have to fill in.
Have done this but I am puzzled as to what this means.
The criteria for receiving this appear to be living alone and having scored 8 points in the PIP daily living component of PIP, which both apply to me.
What would this mean to me financially and will it affect my benefits. Hope to can help.
Kind regards

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SEVERE DISABILITY PREMIUM? 4 months 1 day ago #233874

Hi Ele1

The severe disability premium (SDP) can be awarded in addition to any other premium that may be payable. It is £65.85 a week for each person who qualifies.

The other question you need to ask is, does anyone claim carers allowance for looking after me? if the answer is no then you should be entitled a SDP.

The SDP will usually start from when you were awarded PIP, if you claim housing benefit then notify your local authority as you will also be entitled to a SDP in your HB calculations, again backdated to when your PIP started, LA will usually want to see your PIP award letter.

Forgot to mention that Universal Credit does not have an equivalent of the SDP.


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SEVERE DISABILITY PREMIUM? 4 months 1 day ago #233906

Many thanks for your reply, it would seem that I would qualify for this. The form was sent to me. I did not apply for it. This makes me wonder if the DWP are now duty bound to tell claimants of other benefits.
Obviously I would be delighted to get this. HB, I already have thanks.
This would indeed be a welcome, but it makes me think of many others out there who could be eligible for this and have no idea it is available.
I have received so much help from the guides on here and I have to give you all my heart felt thanks. Keep up the good work. Kind regards

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SEVERE DISABILITY PREMIUM? 4 months 1 day ago #233908

If this form you received is an "IS10" ( bottom right hand corner fill it it asap , sign it. photocopy it, and post it back , recorded if poss, or proof of postage. Once recieved and logged on the system, the DWP have told me yesterday , they have 6 working days to process the SDP. You will get this premium added on to your "applicable amount" calculation and your ESA will either a) rise in money ( if already getting Income Related ESA or b) become entitled to income related ESA .
You must be considered living alone and no one getting carers allowance (CA) for you , however, this does not include someone who has applied for CA , but does not get the payment because they get another benefit . (underlying entitlement) .
For example, I get ESA Contribution based , but I also am carer to my Husband who gets DLA as a stroke survivor, I have "underlying entitlement " , but because i get ESA , i do NOT get paid Carers Allowance also! We were worse off me becoming sick , big time.
You can complete that form also by a phone call, not recommended, as they have cocked our SDP up , as I did it over the phone.
Good Luck!

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