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From ZERO points to 25 2 years 2 months ago #237177

I received my AR1 about 3 months ago. From reading the forums it became apparent that anyone called in to a F2F after an AR1 was essentially making a new claim.

And so it was. After 10 days a very limp letter from the DWP arrived. If you have been successful then the letter has some heft to it; amounts and times of payment etc. Not this time.

I had scored nothing for care (previously 15) or mobility (previously10). Even though I thought the assessment was made to fit an internal decision that had been made, (just because you are paranoid doesn't mean people aren't out to get you) it was still one hell of a shock.

I had no great hopes for the Mandatory Reconsideration. I provided new evidence from my GP, Hospital Consultant and Support Worker, but I thought my case had tribunal written all over it.

Perhaps even more of a shock was to have prevailed at the MR, my award is not a long one (May 2022) so I know the DWP will soon enough be snapping at my heels. The report language is almost verbatim what was on my original, successful claim, it is odd.

But now is the time to enjoy this brief shining moment, and hope that others are as fortunate as I have been.

Thanks to the Gordon and the good people on these forums.

From ZERO points to 25 2 years 2 months ago #237178

Hi DavidPIP

Congratulations on prevailing at the MR stage and receiving your PIP award. Good to hear. They shouldn't be snapping at your heels again until late Nov 2021. It used to be a year before but now seems to be about six months before the end of an award.


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