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Pip Renewal 3 months 5 days ago #260461

I just would like to say to every member to try and join and follow the instructions into filling the long process of the application form. My renewal pack arrived in Oct 2019 so I was not well and this took me twice to have to phone the DWP for an extension. I was informed that I just completed and sent it back before the deadline which was December 28, 2019.

Then January 2020 came with the first real talk about Covid 19. Then March 2020 lockdown happens.
I then received a DWP letter with an extension until May 2021. He must bear in mind that the initial date for my PiP to expired was Nov 2020. So they wrote a year before the date to ask for a renewal. In term by doing this to a claimant if you are awarded let says from 22 May 2021 until 23rd May 2025. The fact that they started sending you a form to fill a year before your actual award finish meaning that 5 years is actually 4 years.
After receiving the first letter for an extension from DWP for May 2021 I received another one again and an extension until AUG 2021. yes. indeed
But I was called for a telephone interview in May 2021. The actual assessor was running late so someone contacts me to advise about the lateness and 45 min later she indeed cal and conduct the interview. my son was also present to help because I tired very quickly and easily could not sustain the e45mn to 1 hr interview. without any help from someone and a rest.
She was professional and patient, I was still expecting some bad things but after 10 days I received the letter but those days the letter sis not brown anymore but white.
I open the letter and started by reading the last piece of paper and saw the mobility component which was my main worry I got 12 points. Hurray
I start to cry with relief than I read the beginning of the award letter and so that I was also awarded 12 points 2 points less than last time but still maintained my full PIP award for another 4 years but mostly 3 years which is a relief for 3 years.
Thank you to Benefit and work for all your help. not be well is a strain on anybody mentally. the Corona has change, every one, one way or another. So I am now I can continue to concentrate on my health.

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Pip Renewal 3 months 4 days ago #260465

Hi bibine,
Fantastic news, well done on your successful PIP renewal. I'm glad that you found our website helpful.
As I have said before on here, he process of claiming benefits is very much a lottery. There are a few conscientious assessors and decision makers who really understand what is going on unfortunately these do seem to be quite rare. I guess our job is to prepare people in case their journey is not as easy as it should be.
Well done again, and thank you for your sharing your experience with us.

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