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DLA to PIP 4 years 7 months ago #189940

I'm writing to join what must by now be a legion of people who have been helped by the contents of this site.
I had my much anticipated, much feared, in equal measure, 'brown envelope', on Friday.
I didn't immediately take in that my application had been successful for Enhanced rate for mobility needs but also I'd been awarded Standard rate of Daily living needs with a review date of 2021.
My journey started long before the initial "invitation" arrived on 31 December, last. I have been using extracts and downloads from here since I saw that postcodes in my area were due to be contacted soon.
I hope that my approach may be of assistance to some.
In my working life, my task was to gather information from clients about their financial affairs. So, although used to collating not only facts but attitudes, I tried to apply a similar technique. It is SO different, though, when attempting to do this from the 'inside out', one might say !
However, the crux of my advice would be to practice. Yes, practice writing about yourself in response to those applicable questions. Use the templates of the forms to get used to writing in the space available. I may have overdone it but I ruled frames on A4 lined paper to match the space on the form.
Achieve what you consider to be the final draft and, if at all possible, ask someone to read it through. I was fortunate that my daughter could do that and offer constructive criticism.
Once you've completed the form, photocopy EVERY page, even those on which you've answered the question as No in respect of not needing assistance. When mailing it, allow at least 4 days for delivery, prior to the stated deadline, and obtain a certificate of posting. If you don't have access to a photocopier, a library usually has a public facility, notwithstanding it'll cost you.
I may have been over cautious but, for me, to have everything to hand gave me a sense of security which helped alleviate - to a modest extent (!) - my levels of tension and anxiousness.
Always be aware that you're writing for somebody who doesn't know you and, thus, you must pay attention to details that you might think obvious. On the reverse of that, try to be succinct. Imagine that the person reviewing your form is receiving it late on a Friday afternoon and if he or she can go through it speedily, he or she can leave before week-end traffic builds up. That's not intended to be cynical, it's meant to help you hone the wording.
I had my face to face assessment at home (apparently that is usual with Capita). I was initially very wary about that but, in my particular circumstances, on reflection, it probably helped because the assessor could see the aids I have around the house. For example, handrails both inside and out, 'Callalert' pulls, my support belt and even my Motability car parked outside.
Good luck to all those about to embark on their applications and, once again, heartfelt thanks to the compilers of this site.

DLA to PIP 4 years 7 months ago #189956


Welcome to the forum, you might want to have a look at the following FAQ which explain where everything is

Welcome to Benefits and Work

I've moved your post to it's own topic, we ask members not to post their questions in other people's topics as this can lead to the wrong advice being given or taken.

Congratulations on the award, well done and thank you for posting about how you went about your claim which I am sure will help others.


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