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Successful PIP

6 years 9 months ago #142879 by Seels
Successful PIP was created by Seels
I just wanted to leave feedback. I applied for PIP for my eldest son about 3 months ago for his depression,anxiety and seizures not really filled with much hope and actually nervous about the whole thing. He was given a date for an assessment despite all medical evidence stating this would be a bad idea as it would cause him great distress. This assessment date was cancelled,ironically because the assessor was on long term sick. A second date was given. Both my son and myself were obviously nervous and he was incredibly stressed. About two hours before his appointment time I received a call from the ATOS assessor asking if she could come early. I stated this would be difficult as he doesn't like change and said he would find it stressful but I was more than happy to try and get that to happen. She immediately told me she was a psychiatric nurse and thought it odd given his medical information provided that he was even asked to have an assessment. She then said she would ask me a few questions. She did and was actually very nice. She understood completely the situation and said as far as she was concerned he was entitled to at least personal care and that she would not stress him out by coming to see him. She said we would hear very soon and that in her opinion it could take him a long time to have treatment and that the award would most likely be for a long period of time to (in her words) be left alone to get well and not have to worry about things such as this.
I think we got incredibly lucky because despite our concerns this lady was very nice and incredibly kind. We were also lucky in that we actually had an assessor qualified in the area relevant to his case. I wish every assessor was this professional. We are in the Derbyshire area for anyone wondering. I wanted to leave this feedback to say thank you to this site for their help and to let people know that not all assessors are awful and that sometimes you do get someone who is sensible and willing to see past the red tape. :)

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6 years 9 months ago #142886 by Gordon
Replied by Gordon on topic Successful PIP

Thank you for posting about son's assessment.

You don't mention an award are you still waiting for this?


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6 years 9 months ago #142887 by Seels
Replied by Seels on topic Successful PIP
Yes. The assessment was only for a couple of days ago. So we shall see what award he gets. I will post when we know. :)

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