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TOPIC: Second Investigation by the DWP Compliance Dept??

Second Investigation by the DWP Compliance Dept?? 5 months 16 hours ago #212408

In December 2016 my partner and I were called in by the Compliance Team (Fraud) after they apparently matched our information to bank accounts we held in excess of £30,000 or so we were told. My partner has mental health issues and classed as vulnerable and this allegation sent him into a downward spiral ruining our XMas and New Year. I spent the week before Xmas investigating these so called accounts resulting in that none were in my name and one did not even exist. One Bank Manager felt so sorry for me he actually told me the name of the person whose account it was. I knew we had no savings and went back for another appointment in the January with all guns blazing. Their response was it must have been an admin error! In April this year yet again we were invited to attend another meeting with the same member of the team for the same allegations. With the threat that his benefits would be stopped if he did not attend. I managed to talk them into just having a telephone conversation as I thought it was ludicrous that it had not been wiped from the system. This resulted in him telling us in some cases it is too complicated to just erase the information. We now have to sign some A42 forms to give permission to get financial information. We have nothing to hide but I wonder does this give them access to all our accounts or just the ones they have discussed with us? They have left the section blank where it says "to get this information we would like to contact :
Can I fill in the accounts in this blank box that they have discussed with me that proved to be falsely in my name? I am so angry i don't want to easily give them access to all our actual accounts.
Any guidance would be appreciated before I sent these forms back. There is also a green marker pen circle on the return envelope which I think is classed as a "hit"!
On a happier note thanks to your guides my partner has successfully been moved into the support group of ESA after his medical assessment - for some odd reason they only had information on his physical disabilities and not the mental health issues!

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Second Investigation by the DWP Compliance Dept?? 5 months 13 hours ago #212419


I'm sorry but I can't offer any advice, this is not an area that I have any experience of.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

Second Investigation by the DWP Compliance Dept?? 5 months 29 minutes ago #212444

I had exactly the same problem, got a letter saying I had two high saving accounts containing over £12,000, it was 10 years ago & a bank I had never banked with-ever, the bank liaised with the DWP for me and proved them wrong!, it turned out that I was sharing the same national insurance number with a person of the same name in a completely different part of the country, which also caused problems with the HMRC, I did get a letter from the DWP to apologise, who blamed HMRC and vice versa , it was a horrific time, and because of this I didn't exist on the tax records and the other person had all my NI contributions, it was 9 mnths until it was sorted out and the problem of my NI number mistake picked up.I didn't have any problems giving my bank details to them to check, I just wanted it sorted out, it must have triggered when the other person made a claim and my NI number came up, I got caught up in human error which nearly finished me off, but I knew I was right and was determind to prove them wrong, which I did but the cost to my health was immense.

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Second Investigation by the DWP Compliance Dept?? 4 months 4 weeks ago #212446

Thank you Gordon maybe someone else will have experienced a similar situation.

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