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Update on esa decision

5 years 10 months ago #217755 by Shazier
Update on esa decision was created by Shazier
Hi Gordon, sorry i have started a new conversation, i cant find my last post.

Firstly I would like to thank you for all your help and support. I have been a member of this site for a few yrs now and couldn't of got through it without all the help and advise that this site provides.
Im left a little bit confused.
A few days ago i recieved my decision from the dwp. They have put me in the support group which i was already in. Which is good news for me but, this is where im confused, on the bit where it says,
future work capability assessments it states.
We wont be asking you to go for another assessment unless there is a change in your health condition.
How we made our decision
information and evidence you sent
information sent by a health care profession,
information provided by the health assessment advisory services following your work capability assessment.
Then goes on to say,
you dont need to send anymore fit notes from your doctor? and have sent a letter to my gp to let them know.
I didn't send in sick notes from my gp?
My daughter also requested a copy of my assessment.
I didnt have to go though a medical it was done paper based which was a great relief for me.

On the assessment report it says.
prognosis advise that work is unlikely in the long term.
Evidence considered was, the questionnaire, med 3, 113 gp leter and hospital corresponce and, a report from feb 2013
What is a med 3?
The available evidence suggests improvement is unlikely in the longer term nd is consistent with a severe condition as defined.
As oer departmental policy of no further assessment cannot apply where the outcome is cancer treatment risk.(LCWRA) Risk (pregnancy) or (LCW) Due to the degenerative nature of the clients condition, the overall evidence would not suggest any improvement in the level of functional ability in the longer term.
I dont know what all these in brackets means?
Does this suggest that further assesments are not needed?
And although the dwp letter states no further assessments, will i still be called again in a couple of yrs? regardless of what the letter says.
I am still waiting on my pip claim, I have heard nothing yet. My claim form was sent back at the beginning of aug. My question is. will the dwp use any information from my esa claim with it being so recent?

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5 years 10 months ago #217766 by Gordon
Replied by Gordon on topic Update on esa decision

A huge congratulations on the award, not just placed in the SG but no need for further reassessment, well done.

Ignore the reference to Fit Notes these letters are produced from a template and they have forgotten to remove the reference.

A Med-3 is a Fit Note, again the assessor has not removed the reference in their report.

I'm afraid it is not standard to use the information from an ESA award in a PIP assessment, the assessor won't even have access to it, so if you want it to be considered you will have to include it with your PIP Review form, don;t forget that even where there are overlaps the ESA criteria is different so you will also need to explain the relevance to the PIP activities.



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5 years 10 months ago #217813 by Shazier
Replied by Shazier on topic Update on esa decision
Thank you Gordon I really cant believe that i dont have to be assessed again, i thought with it saying as per departmental policy of no further assessment.. cannot apply.. no further assessments could apply to me. What a relief, my gp must of helped when she filled out the esa113 form. My pip renewal was sent back the beginning of august. Its with the dwp, my daughter rang this afternoon to see if there was any development. It is still with the decision maker but i am expecting them to send my form to the assessment centre. I hope i dont have to go through all the mither of gathering further evidence of a home medical like i had to with my esa. I just need all this to be over so i can start seeing a bereavement therapist to help me deal with my sons death, while this is still hanging over my shoulders i cant deal with anything due to anxiety and stress. Fingers crossed it wont take as long for my pip as it did my esa.
thank you again for all the support you have given me
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