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TOPIC: Feeling guilty

Feeling guilty 9 years 2 weeks ago #18086

I have been reading the posts and must sdmit to a feeling of guilt. Unlike many I have been treated well by the DWP & ATOS. I had an ATOS medical for IB - The Dr apologised for having to "put me through all that" and wished me well. I heard wthin a week from JobCentrePlus that I met the threshold for IB. Upon the urging of a visiting OT (she appeared out of nowhere apparently the result of a referal by the hospital) I applied for and was awarded DLA much to my astonishment (Lower rate for both). I have requested a copy of the ATOS medical report via DWP - a courteous and friendly man dealt with my requeat and he opinioned mildly that the ATOS system was political and little to do with people. I do not feel lucky but I do wish that everyone may be treated with the same respect and pleasant manner as I was. Best wishes to all.

Re:Feeling guilty 9 years 2 weeks ago #18089

Thank you for detailing your positive experience from dealing with the DWP & ATOS post.

There is no need to feel guilty as I've no doubt that your experience has also been experienced by many other people. You do tend to get the more negative experiences posted on these boards and on other forums so it's refreshing to get the other side of he coin detailed.

Re:Feeling guilty 9 years 2 weeks ago #18166

  • Living
I dont believe it...its a Plant !!!..there was even two women in news today trying to get their rellie away from an ATOS Medical by putting her on a plane !...and she was dead !

Re:Feeling guilty 9 years 2 weeks ago #18175

  • Austinp008
she was dead but fit for work according to Atos they said she could work as a manikin.

Re:Feeling guilty 9 years 2 weeks ago #18181

I am not a DWP or ATOS plant but I do think its important that each member can post their experience with the benefits claims system for B & W guides on claiming ESA on both physical & mental grounds for CFS/ME & depression I was successful in passing the WAC medical held last week, placed in the Work Related Group & deemed to fit for a return to work in 1 year. Judging from the posts on the Forum I seem to have been one of the very fortunate claimants to have had a sympathetic doctor from Atos as he did at least seem to have some understanding of the nature of CFS/ME. It is definitely worth being accompanied by someone who is also able to take notes. I also went prepared with a copy of my report including the 16 typed pages of additional information I had sent back to DWP & brief notes to the possible questions. Incidentally it is worth checking if yours or your companion's phone is able to act as a discrete recorder! Having looked at my report there are some inaccuracies & I am waiting to receive the details of the points scored & for what before making a decision about appealing. However, I am absolutely certain that without those guides I would not have been successful in my claim & your membership fee has to be one of the most cost effective payouts I have ever made. Please keep up the good work B & W!

Re:Feeling guilty 9 years 2 weeks ago #18193

I agree with everything you say about this site i completed my IB50 with the guidance on this site, there were things i felt to ashamed to put down in writing on the forms, but following the guides if you do put down everything(and if possible get supporting medical evidence) It can save you having to go for the dreaded medical, I just told the truth and sent a copy of the consultants report. I was granted IB again for 12 months NO MEDICAL.
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