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27 October 2008
Benefits and Work has exclusively obtained and published a copy of the previously unseen 68 page Work-Focused Health-Related Assessment (WFHRA) Handbook to be used by Atos Healthcare professionals.

Doctor carrying out work-focused health-related assessmentAll ESA claimants who do not appear to qualify for the support group – the vast majority of claimants – will have to have a work-focused health-related assessment immediately after their medical examination.

The work-focused health-related assessment looks at what capability for work you still have and what steps you could take in relation to your physical or mental health in order to further improve your capability for work.

A copy of the detailed report will be sent to you and the personal adviser who carries out your five main phase work-focused interviews. Your GP will also be sent a copy unless you specifically forbid it.

The Handbook sets out how to interview claimants, what sort of questions to ask and what sort of evidence to collect. It will be of value both to claimants and to anyone advising and supporting claimants who wish to ensure that the healthcare professional does not exaggerate their capabilities.

Together with the ESA Handbook, also available to members, publication of the Work-Focused Health-Related Assessment (WFHRA) Handbook allows claimants and their advisers to consult all the guidance relating to the work Capability Assessment issued to Atos Healthcare professionals.

Members can download a copy of the Work-Focused Health-Related Assessment (WFHRA) Handbook.

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