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30 April 2009
To help counter the prevailing gloom, here’s another helping of happy feedback from our members.

Family reading good news letterMany thanks to all of you who take the time and trouble to let us know how you got on, even if we haven’t been able to print your email here.  As always, permission has been asked and names have been changed to protect confidentiality

After trying for DLA for four years
I just wanted to let you know, that after trying for DLA for four years! I have been finally awarded the care and mobility components! I’m so glad I registered with your website, it helped me fill in the lengthy forms, I didn't even have to have a medical! Thank you so much, without your help, I’m sure i would have been still trying!

 A tidy sum was paid into my bank account
I signed up to your website almost a year ago and it got me through filling in the claim pack and winning an appeal - all by myself (and Benefits and Work, of course). The application was sent off in March and the appeal at the end of January - a tidy sum was paid into my bank account - all thanks to you.

The Bible of Benefits
Just wanted to say a big thank you, and say that joining your site was the best money I have ever spent!
I have just received a letter from the DWP telling me they have awarded me the higher component for both mobility AND care. This was done just on the basis of the forms I filled in, and a medical report from my G.P.

No having to go to an independent medical, no nosey Doctor snooping around my home! I am one very happy man today. I am convinced that the help I received from your site on filling in the forms etc made all the difference.
To all of you still waiting to hear, or have been turned down etc...don’t’ give up the fight, and treat this site like the Bible of Benefits. Do exactly what it says on here, and you will be half way there straight away!!
Once again, thank you so much for your help, it was much appreciated.

A tremendous difference to my life
I was recently sent a review claim form for my DLA as the date for my award reached the 3 years. I was initially awarded the Low rate for mobility and the middle rate care component. After the review I was awarded the Low Rate Mobility and the Low Rate Care component. After reading the information on your site I was encouraged to ask for a review of their decision. I have just received confirmation that they are awarding me the Low Rate Mobility and the Middle Rate Care which is what was originally awarded. This will allow me to continue with a private therapist and to run my car which makes a tremendous difference to my life as without these I'm concerned my condition would deteriorate.

So thanks to all at Benefits and Work. Well Done!

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