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18 February 2010

Benefits and Work forumNot everything in the world of benefits is gloom and misery – but quite a lot of it is.  So we’re always really grateful when people take the trouble to contact us with good news, like these forum posters from the last few days.  If you’ve got good news, why not share it and give others a bit of hope?  You can post in the forum or email us.

DLA awarded thanks
I received my DLA award today so thanks for all the tips on the site. I was awarded high rate motability and highest rate care.

I am now the proud recipient of HRM and HRC!!!! INDEFINATELY too.

Successful ESA Appeal
Thank you for all the valuable help and information on this site...I couldn't have managed without it.

DLA appeal
  . . . with all the useful information I found on this webb site I appeal to their decision and I am pleased to say that today at the tribunal i won my case.

IB marathon renewal
I would just like to take the opportunity to thank all the guys here for the brilliant guides and all the help and support they give us,

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