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Stethoscope emerging from computer18 February 2010

Benefits and Work would like to hear from you about your experience of a DLA, incapacity benefit or employment and support allowance medical.  We’re offering a prize of a £20 Amazon voucher and a year’s free membership of the site for the best account along with a year’s free membership two runners up.

Did you have a good experience at your medical or a not so good one? Was there anything particularly great or awful that happened at your medical? Did you secretly record your medical?  (We’d be especially interested to hear from claimants who recorded their ESA medical). What decision did it lead to and were you happy with it?We’re not looking for very long accounts, 200 to 300 words is fine. Send you account to us by email (see below for the address) and put ‘Medical’ in the subject line.  

Before you begin your account tell us:

Which benefit your medical was for.

What name you would like us to use for you if we publish your account – we don’t want to publish your real name unless you’re happy for us to do so.

All entries need to be received by 26 February By taking part you agree to allow us a perpetual licence to reproduce your account in whole or in part on the website and in any other publication we choose.

Prizewinners will be announced, using their chosen name, in the next newsletter. 

If you already have a subscription to the site your free year’s membership will be added on to the end of it.You can get our email address from the Contact us page

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