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4 March 2010

The Express newspaper group becomes the latest media organisation to apologise to Benefits and Work for accusing us of being a website for cheats.

In December of last year the Sunday Express published an article entitled ‘Web Guide for bogus incapacity benefit claimants’.  The article claimed that “A consumer website called Benefits and Work offers a guide on how to convince doctors you are too sick to work for a living.”.”

In a second article the Express also alleged that:  A consumer website has even been set up to advise people how to cheat the system.”

Following a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission the Express has now apologised and stated that it accepts that the purpose of the website is to help genuine claimants.

The Express joins a growing band of organisations and individuals who have run up against the dogged tenacity of our in-house barrister, Holiday Whitehead, and been obliged to apologise after attacking the site and its members.  Others include:

Mail on Sunday editor apologises to Benefits and Work

BBC apologises to Benefits and Work  . . . finally

Tory MP apologises to Benefits and Work

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