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18 March 2010

We’re offering a half-price subscriptions to new and existing organisations who are happy to be listed online as professional members of the site.  This is a limited offer, however, it’s available for a maximum of one month - now extended to 30th April

We want to be able to publish a sample list on the Benefits and Work website of some of the organisations that have subscribed, to illustrate the wide range of agencies that benefit from membership.  Clearly we can’t do this without your permission.  So, as a one-off offer only, we’re offering a year’s professional subscription for £47.50 if you agree to having your agency listed.

We’re not asking for any sort of endorsement or feedback from you, though that’s always very welcome.  Just your agreement to include your organisation’s name in a list of past and present members of Benefits and Work’ to be featured on the site and in flyers, etc.

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer and you are not currently a member, just register with the site, complete the brief registration form below and then email it to:


or fax it to:

01392 894940

We will activate your membership and send you an invoice and licence agreement.

If you are already a professional member and would like to take advantage of this offer, just drop us an email to the address above, listing your organisation’s name and username and saying you’d like to extend your membership using the half-price offer.  We’ll add an additional year to your membership and send you an invoice and licence agreement.

Do remember though, that this offer closes not later than 17th April - now extended to 30th April

Download the registration form in Word format.  (Please email us at the email address above if you have any problems with this)

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