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18 March 2010

£1,000 in my bank
I just had to write to tell you that thanks to your advice on here I won my appeal for ESA and last week I had £1,000 in my bank for payments they owed me, so a very big thank you.

Schizoaffective disorder

Your guides are excellent, I have Schizoaffective disorder and was up-graded to middle rate care last year after using the D.L.A guide, and I didn't even have to attend a medical. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

21 points for ESA

We wanted to say a huge thank you – just received the news that we won the ESA appeal. My husband is still recovering from a back operation.  We went from 0 points to:

6 pts for walking

15 pts for standing

21 points in total = We Won!

It was all done with your invaluable help in letter writing, understanding the process and the ESA system and the Appeals procedure.  We did have an extremely nice Judge and Doctor who were just simply sensible.

Our relief and thanks is huge.
Jess and Nick

No tribunal this time
I just wanted to say a big thank you for your wonderful, helpful website. I have now been awarded my DLA.  

Looking back at the first form now I realized what little information there was on there, so no wonder it was rejected, so this time I decided to get help from the internet and it came up with your site, and it is extremely helpful and very reassuring and takes all the stress away, because when you are ill/depressed the last thing you need is a form of about 60 questions to answer.  When I had completed the form I was assured I did my very best and had given them all the details that I could.  So when the letter from DWP came the other day I was very pleased that I have been awarded my DLA, no tribunal this time.
Once again a very big thank you and I will make sure that I will tell my friends about your website.  I am sure Incapacity Benefit will be contacting me this year so again I will be looking at your website for help and guidance.

ESA tribunal
Had an ESA tribunal today at Harlow was awarded 15 points when Atos gave us 12 points, was only in with judge for ten minutes !!!!!!!! Was well prepared due to information on your web site. Best money I’ve spent. Thank you

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