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14 May 2010

Benefits and Work has published a major new employment and support allowance (ESA) resource to add to the detailed step-by-step guides already available on the site.

The 100+ page guide has been provided by Mark Perlic, freelance trainer and Senior Welfare Rights Officer at Wolverhampton City Council's Welfare Rights Service.  Members will be aware of the excellent guide to DLA caselaw which Mark provided us with back in February of this year. (See: Huge new DLA appeals resource)

The new guide is an extremely comprehensive training pack Mark has been using for ESA training days.  It covers many of the areas that we don’t, such as:

  • national insurance contribution conditions;
  • calculating ESA awards;
  • ESA in youth; 
  • ESA and other benefits;
  • case law relating to substantial risk

The pack also includes full details of the law relating to work-focused health-related assessments and work-focused interviews as well as the full medical tests for ESA.  There are detailed references to statute throughout the pack, making it invaluable to welfare rights workers as well as claimants and support workers.

Mark is planning an ESA training course in the Autumn, writing commitments permitted.  More details in the pack itself, which members can download, along with our newly updated ESA guides, from this page.

There’s also an updated copy of the DWP’s own ESA Handbook available to download from the same page.

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