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14 June 2010

The DWP have still not answered a Freedom of Information request about the future of the four page DLA renewal form, on the grounds that it may not be in the public interest to respond.

The four page renewal form has been piloted for some time and Benefits and Work has warned members about the dangers of using it as it stands.

Back on 2nd February 2010 we made a request for:

“any documents which deal with the issue of whether the DLA 4 page renewal form will continue to be piloted or will be rolled out nationally after January 2010?”

We should have received a response within 20 working days.  However, four months later the DWP have apologised for the ‘unacceptable delay’ in responding to our request.

Nonetheless, they say that an extension to the time limit was necessary while the DWP decided whether the disclosure would be in the public interest.  They had undertaken to respond by 11th June, but Benefits and Work have still heard nothing.

It is very hard to imagine how it would harm the public interest for people to be told whether a pilot DLA form will continue to be used or not.  Perhaps all will become clear when, and if, an answer is finally given.

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