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The DWP has finally revealed that personal independence payment (PIP) will be paid at the same rates as the equivalent awards of disability living allowance (DLA).

The daily living component will be paid as follows:

Standard rate:  £53.00
Enhanced rate:  £79.15

The mobility component will be:

Standard rate: £21.00
Enhanced rate £55.25


+1 #4 Micktj 2013-01-17 20:00
I am though a hard cruel person barb154 with a soft centre! (I say soft centre and not "good heart" because I need a heart transplant for much chance of health improvement. Unlikely to happen in my 60th year). I have been derided in the past for suggesting Ian Duncan Smith was the kind of soldier? presumably who would quaff Champagne whilst stood safely on a hill top whilst he watched his troops being slaughtered below. It is ridiculous changing DLA to PIP even though I may well be £30+ per week better off - it is not overall a fair action. My political mind asks "what is the point of the existence of family life"? We are nurtured most of us in a loving / caring environment - just imagine if the notion/concept of "family" was politically destroyed - it would most certainly be the end of the landed gentry therefore the tory establishment. I would say I am a Communist but communism never really existed anywhere on earth given the global support "the family" has as an idea/institutio n. It is just so sad that all the nicety of family life shows itself to be fraudulent on reaching adulthood - then it becomes "sink or swim" for all of us. It is so so sinister what this Tory government is doing. I am not lost on the fact either that the Labour Party when in government set this ball rolling and there reason for doing so was because they knew the Tories would take this bull by the horns and stear it through. Shame on them all who are active in politics.
+2 #3 Michael 2013-01-17 15:42
I am a PCllr and classed as disabled (I prefer to consider myself broken and unfixable at the moment) I have always thought that the way we treat those less fortunate in society is a measure of how truly civilised we are, every day I feel more ashamed of this once green and pleasant land.
+2 #2 barb154 2013-01-17 11:29
That is the best description of ths government's activity I have ever read Mick tj.

"It is a cowardly exhibition they undertake" Bravo!!!
+2 #1 Micktj 2013-01-17 05:05
All seems so unfair for the majority but from a personal point of view this could be good news for me with an expected increase in standard rate of daily living component. With regard to mobility I cannot do much further than 10 metres moving on more than 50% of days without needing to stop, I cannot use manual wheelchair unless I want to infinitely travel in a circle and It is unsafe for me to drive any motorised vehicle electric or otherwise. All the same what the Government do is a completely cynical thing to save money by driving disabled people into a corner. It is a cowardly exhibition they undertake.

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