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Following prolonged lobbying from Pat’s Petition, the Labour party has forced a debate on assessing the cumulative impact of changes to benefits on sick and disabled claimants. The debate is taking place on Wednesday 10 July and Pat’s Petition are asking people to urge their MP to attend the debate and vote in favour of the motion.

According to Liam Byrne, shadow Work and Pensions secretary:

"After more than three years in power, it’s time for this Government to finally come clean and tell us exactly what impact their changes will have on the lives of disabled people and their carers.

"So on Wednesday 10 July, Labour will drag Ministers to the House of Commons to debate the changes they have made that affect disabled people, and at about 16:00 we will force a vote to demand a Cumulative Impact Assessment by October  2013 at the latest – and we will be calling on MPs from across the House to support it.

"I am asking supporters to help build pressure on the government in three ways:

·    Write to your MP and ask them to back the motion
·    Write to your local paper and explain why we urgently need a cumulative impact assessment

"This government is failing to support our disabled people. It’s time for Ministers to come clean, admit where they are getting things wrong and change course.

"It’s time to start making rights a reality for disabled people.

"Here’s the motion in full:

That this House believes that the Government should publish a cumulative impact assessment of the changes made by this Government that affect disabled people (to be published by October 2013).”


+1 #4 Raymond John Smith 2013-07-12 08:30
I have just over a year to go then i get my pension yet i will still have to undergo another medical i was passed first as fit to do some work clearly the doctor didn't reed the doctors letter he was given and I had it reviewd again byu esa reviewer who overturned this so i was put into the esa surport group
i will have another one next yearby then it will be just three monthes from my pension what a waist of time and money is being spent.
+4 #3 rollinthunder 2013-07-10 09:17
My understanding is that there are 15 million disabled people of working age thatis a quarter of the population time for them and the groups that represent them to get together and force a vote of no confidenc3 on this goverment and getthem out of office before they cause the deaths of another 10600 people
+7 #2 PaulR 2013-07-09 22:51
Channel 4 News are showing a ‘bedroom tax’ case study tomorrow night at 7pm [wednesday 10th] to coincide with this debate.

It is the story of myself and my wife and profoundly disabled grandson, and our battle with our council and the coalition over the bedroom tax.

Our bungalow was built for our 13 year-old grandsoin, Warren, and is his ‘home for life’. He has carers staying overnight now, in our so-called ‘spare bedroom’, and eventually [we hope] will have them 24-7 as he will need this care for the rest of his life.

I think the housing benefit cut is absolutely unfair on all disabled people, is a badly thought through piece of social policy, and ought to be repealed asap.

As for other cuts... well, we will challenge them too. We must all stand up and fight this together.

Please watch!
Paul Rutherford
+7 #1 clivenick58 2013-07-09 22:31
Why are the Genuine disabled penalized, do we ask to be like this because i am damn sure if i had my life again I would not like to be in this body. Get the scroungers then you will save millions. We didn't ask to be like this. I would love some of the MP's to come and live in my home for 1 week to see how i have to rely on my family and others to help me in my day to day life, and then they will see what it is like to be ill. I hate the fact the Government pick on genuine people, i was 101% fit before i got stuck down with all my problems.

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