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Osborne is promising further huge cuts in welfare spending to avoid deeper departmental cuts. While refusing to put a precise number on the size of the welfare cuts, Osborne accepted they would run into "many billions" of pounds.

The chancellor sees welfare as one of the defining political issues at the next election in 2015, and believes his hard-line approach will create difficulties for the Labour opposition.

This makes it more likely that veiled hints that they will do away with the Work-related activity group in the next parliament will come true.

Source: The Guardian


+6 #5 Scott 2013-12-14 11:29
Some of us who are the "sick and disabled" are struggling to survive on Incapacity Benefit of just £107 per week. capped at 1% per annum, whilst Cameron, Osbourne and Co, award themselves 11% pay-rise (that's more than a full years benefit as a pay-rise !), Where is all this heading ?, when will this disgraceful attack on the poorest in our society end ? and why are the political opposition seemingly supporting these neo-nazi Torries ?. I for one have worked all my life and have paid my National Insurance and taxes. I did not vote for the destruction of the welfare state !
+1 #4 wuz_uk 2013-12-14 03:48
i think the saying is lesser of two evils
+4 #3 grumpyrat 2013-12-13 19:18
Whoever gets elected cuts are on the way! A £21000 benefit cap will be certain if the Tories get re-elected as well as the abolisment of the WRAG Group with the Support Group having to make regular contact with the Job Centre.

Please for anyone other than the LIB-TORYS
+8 #2 Bill 2013-12-13 18:33
I believe that the comments made by Jim Allison are totally correct; none of the Political Parties at the next General Election will give us any less of a hard time.

Why should they? They know the majority of the public are behind Welfare cuts which will unfortunately affect us all. Thanks again to the Tory Press for that.

Public support gives the Political Parties an easy budget to cut, which it seems is all that is really important nowadays. So, as JA rightly says, the chronically sick and disabled will continue to bear the brunt thus the importance of this site is brought even more sharply into focus.
+13 #1 Jim Allison 2013-12-13 13:42
Osborne will not be in post at the next General Election.

However, whoever gets in power, be it Labour, Tories, LibDem or a coalition, nothing will change.

Chronically sick/disabled people will continue to have their benefits cut.

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