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The DWP are subsidising wages in the sex industry by almost 60% and allowing Jobcentre Plus and private sector work programme providers to force young people to apply for them.  Young people who refuse to act as receptionists in massage parlours or operate porn webcams could find their benefits stopped.

A guidance document published at the end of last year explains how Youth Contract Wage Incentives, created with subsidies from the EC, can be used to promote work in the ‘adult entertainment industry’.  

Employers are paid £2,275 if they take on a young person aged 18-24 to work at least 30 hours a week for a minimum of 26 weeks.  A smaller subsidy of £1,137.50 can be claimed where the job is for 16 to 29 hours a week.

The minimum wage for 18-20 year olds is just £5.03 an hour, meaning that employers can get almost 60% of the workers wage paid by the state.

At the end of the 26 weeks there is nothing to stop the employer dismissing the young worker and taking on a new employee with a new subsidy.  Each time they do so the private sector work programme provider will get a bounty of many hundreds of pounds for getting a young person into work.

The guidance makes it clear that direct sexual services cannot be provided under the incentive scheme.  For example, a job as a dominatrix, cat fighter, lap dancer, escort, masseuse or porn actor or actress would not be eligible for a subsidy.

However, web-cam operators, film camera operators for pornographic films, bar staff, door staff, receptionists and cleaners for massage parlours, saunas, strip clubs, and lap and pole dancing clubs are all permitted.

The degree to which young people in such establishments may be subject to sexual harassment or pressure to provide other services does not appear to be a concern for the DWP.  Nor does the potentially hazardous nature of cleaning in an establishment where bodily fluids may routinely be deposited.  

It is also questionable whether employment as a receptionist in a massage parlour will ever be a useful addition to a CV for someone whose ambitions do not lie in the sexual services industry.

It is possible for people who are mandated to apply for such jobs to object on conscientious grounds.  But the young person has to be aware that this is even a potential option, has to have the confidence to put forward their objection and has to be prepared for the possibility that their benefit will be stopped if their objection is not accepted by a DWP decision maker.

It seems a bizarre and perverse situation that a government department led by a committed Christian should be so keen to force young people to work in an industry devoted solely to satisfying carnal lusts.  But then, the belief that the claimant count must be reduced by any means possible, regardless of morality or the suffering involved, seems to be the only article of faith now left at the DWP.

You can download the full guidance document in .pdf format by clicking on this link.

 Thanks to Carruthers for alerting us to this issue.


#16 ENGLEY STEWART 2014-01-19 21:19
I was absolutely astonished when I read this article indeed I had to read it several times over and then I remebered was'nt there something similar going on under the last Labour government?
Please correct me if I am wrong.
Why isn't this in the mainstream media?
(To busy critisising Benefits Street I suppose)
This is appaling and should be stopped.
This is what the makers of Benefits Street SHOULD be exposing!
+1 #15 lewis hc 2014-01-16 19:48
Sadly Rupert Murdoch and his ilk decide what the masses think. The BBC continually tells folk how 'impartial' it is, a ludicrous lie. Dissent is becoming impossible, everywhere on the planet. Protests are now broken up by the 'impartial' police forces, kettling being routinely used in this country. 9/11 was the end of the liberty of the human race, an excuse for all the genocide and repression since.
The dumbing down and corruption of the 'globalized' system is accelerating. For me, voting for ordinary folk is just voting for the right to be abused, especially for the poor, old, sick and disabled.
I'm not a socialist or anarchist or pacifist or any 'ist' but human values are being systematically destroyed. Our only hope is with young people, the future is theirs'. I don't think there's too many committed voters among them. I actually don't know anybody who votes, I mean it's just nonsense to me and everybody I know, working, retired, mums, everybody. Sorry, rant over.
+1 #14 Brian Harris 2014-01-16 17:49
Absolutely Disgusting, and this just goes to show what members of this Government do all day, when they are not making peoples lives a misery in some way. What the hell are they trying to do now split up families, what about if the people who they order to take these jobs are in a relationship, or are married. I would rather starve to death than enter one of these type of jobs.
+4 #13 Jennywren 2014-01-16 08:26
We need to try and get stories like this one highlighted in the mainstream news - it would be helpful if Benefits and Work said whether anyone from their team has submitted the story to a paper or TV news when publishing something like this.
+6 #12 Lazzer 2014-01-16 01:39
It appears that now having consolidated their position with control over tools such as media , education , social ,local and governing services they will endeavour to corrupt every other aspect of society . Your children and further generations are their target too ,conditioning them to accept these pursuits as normal and correct ,making objectors activists , terrorists or sub-human so persecution , depriving and eventual inhalation will go unopposed . Fear will hold back those left who still retain traits of our true being .Be Aware and educate you own ,teach them how to recognise the deceit and trickery ,promote their humanity ,but above all how to be safe while this evolves . Awaken and good luck , we all need all the help we can get .Laz
+4 #11 Lazzer 2014-01-16 01:38
Systemic corruption is corruption which is primarily due to the weaknesses of an organization or process. It can be contrasted with officials or agents who act corruptly within the system. (wikki) . The Corruption in our elected clearly bleeds to the surface .We are already aware of the links between corporate interests , financial and banking industries as well as international weapons manufacturers : now we see once started it spreads into sadistic acts of immorality forced upon the innocent visible for all to see. Whether tis is a result of long term physiological manipulation or inbred and promoted through generations , the flood gates have opened and there are truly sick people running this country and in positions of power all across the World who appear to be linked and working together . If I had read this ten years ago I would be thinking , paranoia or crackpot theory but now I am sad to say the evidence is before us and speaks for itself .Resulting in this I have researched masses of Information regarding historical events to find in the vast majority of cases evidence exists of massive deceptions . Please question everything ,research events for what does not ring true ,follow money trails , look for scientific contradiction of evidence presented by officialdom or appointed experts . Importantly I stopped giving benefit of the doubt and believing our official institutions were not capable of such atrocities .Their deceptions are based on phsy-ops methods researched and tested for years and they primarily use the fact true Humanity finds it difficult to accept anyone they appointed could commit such acts or peruse such policies so will lean toward not accepting the darker side of the evidence . cont...
+1 #10 Daniel Factor 2014-01-16 01:29
Sorry but there's an awful lot of moralising going on. Talk of youth being corrupted etc. That's not the issue ! And talk of youth today being "misguided" is used to justify attacks on welfare . We should avoid language of the Tories
-1 #9 Daniel Factor 2014-01-15 23:39
"It seems a bizarre and perverse situation that a government department led by a committed Christian should be so keen to force young people to work in an industry devoted solely to satisfying carnal lusts."

What has the religion of this government's Prime Minister got to do with this? Let's keep religion out of this.

Carnal lusts? I'm against forcing the unemployed to apply for any job but this smacks of moral puritanism. This is not really what opposition to forced work should be or is about.
+2 #8 ellie12022 2014-01-15 21:23
Just reading through the guidance & it says they are not allowed to replace one subsidised worker with another. The definition of permanent employment is interesting though, 6 month contract to me isn't a permanent position!

14. The job being made available to the participant must be:

A vacancy for a permanent position (expected to last at least 26 weeks)

At least 16 hours per week or more on average

Sourced by the provider, participant or offered by an employer

A vacant post that will not displace a current employee (i.e. making another employee redundant)

Legitimate/legal employment

Paying a wage that is equal to or more than the National Minimum Wage rate or Apprenticeship National Minimum wage rate.
15. The employment must NOT be:

Self employment

With a Central Government, Non Departmental Public Body or Executive Agency

A subsidised worker (one for which a wage incentive has been claimed) cannot be replaced with a subsidised worker (including the same person again)

With a Work Programme Provider or sub contractor employing someone in their Welfare to work business(es).
+5 #7 maxitab 2014-01-15 17:14
This is horrendous.

It is better to work in the sex industry than not have a job? To what depths have we sunk?
+5 #6 Heather Thaw 2014-01-15 14:57
Absolutely appalled by this. Government obviously do not have morals!
+3 #5 Von 2014-01-15 14:54
Quoting Peter:
workhouses next

I watched programmes about workhouses recently as my great grandad and grandad were in these places of contempt and agree we do not fel that far away from this misguided portrayal of human beings .....
+4 #4 Peter 2014-01-15 14:28
workhouses next
+5 #3 stuart52 2014-01-15 14:07
pusscatsmum.... I could not have said it better myself, when I first read this I thought it was a wind up, I too am not religious in any way but this is stooping to the lowest depths of immorality, why on earth would the DWP subsidise wages in this industry? youth today has been misguided for some time, making them do this will only make matters worse.
+6 #2 helena1009 2014-01-15 13:11
I am absolutely appalled by this. It is immoral and unjustifiable. Is there anything we can do to stop it?
+7 #1 pusscatsmum 2014-01-15 10:24
I really am gobsmacked to see how evil this govt has become in issuing this latest remit.
Although I am not a religious person this new scheme is immoral and surely breaches not only morality, health & saftey issues but can & will corrupt young minds. Surely 2014 & society as a whole has not degenerated to this.

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