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Described as the biggest political move by the Church of England in a generation, Britain’s leading bishops denounce David Cameron’s welfare reforms for creating a “national crisis”.

In an unprecedented attack on the Tory-led Coalition, 27 Anglican bishops and 16 other clergy accuse the Tory-led coalition of creating hardship and hunger.

For so many leading members of the clergy to launch such a direct attack on the Government of the day is unprecedented.

This is the most significant political move by the Church of England since its Faith in the City report in the 1980s attacking Margaret Thatcher’s cuts.

It underlines the deep concern felt by the churches over the Coalition’s brutal welfare cuts which have left so many facing hunger and hardship.

In a letter to the Daily Mirror, 27 Anglican bishops and 16 other faith leaders say the PM has a “moral duty” to act on the growing number going hungry.

The intervention comes after Britain’s leading Catholic Archbishop Vincent Nichols said the Government’s benefit cuts were a “disgrace.”

A rattled Mr Cameron hit back by claiming the reforms were a “moral mission” and gave people “hope”.

Read the full story in the Daily Mirror


+1 #1 Matata2011 2014-02-23 00:20
What hope on an empty stomach?What a bunch of unrealistic humans, the sooner this out of touch bunch are kicked out the more lives will be saved & less assets soled, a majority vote of no confidence will get the message in & a completely new Party minus all the usual voted in for a change :-?

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