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The Mirror reports that the benefits firm Atos wants to end its hated testing regime for the ConDem government - because it says the system "isn't working".

A nationwide campaign against the French firm's benefit tests have forced the company to seek an early exit from a £500m government contract.

Atos faced 144 separate protests outside its offices across the UK earlier this week in a day of action against the firm.

Large crowds waving anti-Atos placards flocked to protest against the company, whose assessments have controversially sent thousands of sick people back to work, axing their vital benefit payments.

In Southend, Atos workers themselves walked out in sympathy and joined the rally outside their own office.

Many Atos staff have received death threats both in person and over the internet as well as bullying at the firm’s centres.

Atos said 163 incidents of the public assaulting or abusing staff were recorded each month last year.

Now the firm has revealed it wants out of the government contract to test people for disability benefits.

Read the full article in the Mirror

Our thanks to Papasmurf for spotting this story for us


0 #8 jima1 2014-02-23 12:46
don't know what's happened to my previous comment, it seems to have disappeared.

So I repeat, although couldn't give ATOS want to pull out early of their contract for the WCA, they will still continue to carry out medical assessments for DLA & PIP.
+1 #7 Matata2011 2014-02-23 00:32
If Atos is still doing PIP till 2015 & no longer the other no worries, elections aren't that far away for the living & the fallen victims, if Atos are already considering fleeing to me that speaks volumes their exit might even happen sooner rather than later for now I will try & keep hoping & smiling for mental peace of mind :-)
+2 #6 grumpyrat 2014-02-22 17:30
Now the Government knows 1st hand what the Disabled knew about ATOS, yes they are indeed "Unprofessional ". As I wrote at start of these fitness to work tests, "Everyone should appeal if they are not placed in the Support Group and this will bring Atos to their knees. We could have been here much sooner unfortunately too many accepted the WRAG group.
+1 #5 Emma Samways 2014-02-22 13:17
They talk about the abuse against atos.What about the abuse against the sick and disabled and the fact that people have died because of the horrible stress and worry that they have gone through?
+5 #4 Charlie Brown 2014-02-21 18:43
At least it made the BBC 6 O'Clock news ... was great to see :-)
+4 #3 Bill 2014-02-21 18:41
Well, well, well, would you bloody believe it.

All that has been said in the past by Government about how happy they were that ATOS were doing the job well (and that of course was when people like us were screaming that they were not) and now, according to BBC Political Correspondent Iain Watson ''Whitehall sources are denouncing ATOS as unprofessional for revealing commercially confidential information''.


Unprofessional.... REALLY? Isnt that rich!!!!!

Jokers, the lot of them.
+3 #2 eric saul 2014-02-21 18:40
i think the real perpetrators behind this are smith Cameron and the rest of this so called we are all in this together government
+2 #1 papasmurf 2014-02-21 11:17
Atos said 163 incidents of the public assaulting or abusing staff were recorded each month last year.

ONLY 163 incidents.

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