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More details have emerged about the backlog of work capability assessments, which currently stands at 712,000 people.

A report by the BBC quotes the DWP as saying that:

394,000 are new claimants for ESA.

234,000 are existing ESA claimants whose reassessments have been delayed.

84,000 are people still on incapacity benefit who have not yet been moved over to ESA.

The move from IB to ESA was due to have been completed in April of this year.


#5 Alex 2014-08-18 19:10
I've been waiting since Feb 2014 - stupidly thought this was exceptional: sorry kimlin!

Elsewhere it's been suggested that one should tel Atos +/or MP) - prob is I'm scared that this will hasten the date of refusal +, since I'm getting DLA (higher + medium) that they might take that off me.

Every morning when post arrives, am terrified!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
#4 Kym 2014-06-16 17:14
Still on IB... Form sent off October '13 for ESA, no news yet..
+2 #3 LibbyWick 2014-06-12 21:47
They are quick enough to take it away from us! No delays doing that!
+2 #2 Pippa 2014-06-12 15:24
I'm also waiting to be transferred from SDA to ESA. I agree, it's really stressful not having a clue when the dreaded letter will arrive....
+2 #1 susieb 2014-06-12 04:16
Im still waiting to be moved from SDA to ESA, the waiting is not good for the nerves.

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