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The Department for Work and Pensions has requested another legal hearing in its attempt to stop four ageing reports on the Universal Credit programme being published.

The DWP’s formal application to the Upper Tribunal shows that Whitehall officials and work and pensions ministers, Iain Duncan Smith and Lord Freud, are prepared to sink more public money into fighting a judge’s ruling in March 2014 that the DWP publish the four reports.

It appears the DWP does not want the reports published on a point of principle: the department does not publish any reports on any of its major IT-based change programmes.

Another reason officials and ministers have for keeping the reports confidential is that they would establish what officials knew of Universal Credit programme’s serious problems in 2012 when departmental press releases were saying the scheme was on time and within budget.

The reports could show, without ambiguity, that the DWP misled Parliament in 2012 and 2013 by saying the UC programme was progressing successfully when officials knew this was not the case.

So far the DWP’s lawyers have lost every stage of their appeals to stop disclosure of the reports. One judge noted the apparent contradiction between what’s in the hidden reports and optimistic press releases issued by the department about the UC programme.

Read the full story and a copy of the DWP’s appeal application on the ukcampaign4change website


#5 raymentdeb@aol.com 2014-07-31 21:10
Lobby your MP's about this. Let them know what you think of IDS and his arrogant behaviour. How dare he spend our money to avoid us seeing the evidence of the poor job he's done. He like Cameron and Osborne think they are superior both in wealth and education, we are not so stupid as they would like to think. Ultimately they are accountable to us. Get the pressure on!
#4 Gordon Smith 2014-07-31 18:42
I am amazed that Duncan Smith has got away with all the underhanded ways he has ducked responsibilitie s of his massive failures within his remit.
Millions of pounds have been wasted by this man and still he holds onto his post.
+1 #3 Paul Richards 2014-07-22 20:15
Hi all,
By their actions it is increasingly obvious that they are continually trying to cover up the real truth.
WHY are they continuing to be allowed to use Taxpayer's money to dodge their responsibilitie s for what they have apparently done.
If it does eventually come to light, then it will most probably be found that they have indeed spent £14 million of hard-pressed Taxpayer's money in an IT system that would not work from Day 1.
However long can IDS & his DWP continue to fight this. This is beyond contempt to the more informed British people - it is totally stupid. And it is even more stupid that the British Judicial system cannot see it and force them to release these very important documents.
+2 #2 stuart52 2014-07-21 17:25
just exactly what is it about these reports that the DWP doesn't want us to know? exactly what is the so-called chilling effect? if the DWP foresaw major issues then why go ahead with what is obviously a doomed project?, the IT system simply will not work but maybe part of the chilling effect is that it isn't designed to, after all who will be left without money?..the very people they want rid of anyway.
+2 #1 timmyjohnanners 2014-07-21 13:32
Oh Please!!!! when they publish the reports nothing in them will be true....the reason for the delay is so the minions can change the facts and make IDS look good.... The reason they keep going back to court is they need the time to re-write the reports... so either way we pay for the DWP to keep the TRUE FACTS FROM US.

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