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  • 913,138 people received three days’ emergency food from Trussell Trust foodbanks in 2013-14 compared to 346,992 in 2012-13
  • Figures are ‘tip of the iceberg’ of UK food poverty says Trussell Trust Chairman
  • 83% of foodbanks report ‘sanctioning’ is causing rising numbers to turn to them
  • Foodbank figures trigger biggest ever faith leader intervention on UK food poverty in modern times.

Over 900,000 adults and children have received three days’ emergency food and support from Trussell Trust foodbanks in the last 12 months, a shocking 163 percent rise on numbers helped in the previous financial year. Despite signs of economic recovery, the poorest have seen incomes squeezed even more than last year reports The Trussell Trust, the UK’s largest foodbank network. More people are being referred to Trussell Trust foodbanks than ever before.

“That 900,000 people have received three days’ food from a foodbank, close to triple the numbers helped last year, is shocking in 21st century Britain. But perhaps most worrying of all this figure is just the tip of the iceberg of UK food poverty, it doesn’t include those helped by other emergency food providers, those living in towns where there is no foodbank, people who are too ashamed to seek help or the large number of people who are only just coping by eating less and buying cheap food.

“In the last year we’ve seen things get worse, rather than better, for many people on low-incomes. It’s been extremely tough for a lot of people, with parents not eating properly in order to feed their children and more people than ever experiencing seemingly unfair and harsh benefits sanctions.

“Unless there is determined policy action to ensure that the benefits of national economic recovery reach people on low-incomes we won’t see life get better for the poorest anytime soon.”

Read the full story on the Trussell trust website


+1 #3 Paul Richards 2014-11-05 21:26
Hi all,
As a postscript to all of this! Don't forget also - our non-elected Tory/Lib Dem Government Coalition has promised umpteen billions of pounds of 'taxpayer's money' to fund HS2 & HS3 High Speed Rail Links (often through areas that really don't want it!) to aid (presumably) working commuters to and from the big cities - plus 55 millions of pounds per day into EU funds (and they get only £3 billion pounds back per year!). Oh dear, - and yet they cannot afford to pay benefits for the genuinely sick & disabled of Britain.
There are signs that this so called 'economic recovery' is beginning to falter - this (in my own personal opinion), was being built, for the most part at the expense of the poorest and worst paid in our Country - the low-paid, part time and zero hours contract workers -
the richest people having mostly got away with it - not having to pay so much for just about everything and laughing all the way to their banks!
I have today noted a few contributors who have more than done their stint for their Country. One working for 26 years and another for 35 years and contributing all along - and they are being pilloried none the less. What a total disgrace.
These people are definitely not 'benefit scroungers' as the mass 'Media' reports them to be - they have done more than their bit. It's all bloody disgraceful and this Government desperately needs to look at itself and to see what it is doing to it's most deserving people.
Meanwhile, Cameron still gets his salary. (and IDS also gets his and he is still totally unanswerable for the shameful treatment that he and his DWP department has handed out) TOTALLY SHAMEFUL.
+2 #2 Paul Richards 2014-11-05 13:36
Hi all,
angela, you are indeed right in this. IDS is still living in his totally untouchable ivory tower of total arrogance, complacency and uncaring wickedness towards the poor, the sick and not least, the disabled of Britain.

Incidentally, to add to this I have found a link regarding obsolute poverty in Britain which has just been put on there.
Please find the link here:

+8 #1 angela 2014-11-03 16:58
Just watched IDS say that things are getting better maybe he needs to read this but there again he would still say there is no poverty in the county

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