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Maximus, the company taking over work capability assessments (WCA) will be paid more than twice as much as Atos but plans to reduce the proportion of doctors carrying out medicals in favour of cheaper occupational therapists, the Guardian reports.

Atos was paid around £80 million a year for its WCA contract, but Maximus will receive between £590 million and £650 million over three years, depending on performance. 40% of Atos assessors are doctors, 40% are nurses and 20% are physiotherapists. Maximus plans to take on 1,000 extra staff, but reduce the proportion of doctors and take on more occupational therapists instead

According to the Guardian, Maximus believe things will improve from the very start of the contract in March:

“if we can reach out and make people understand the process they are going through … if we can reduce some of the anxiety … if we can schedule more intelligently … if we can speak to people rather than just sending letters. Those are some of the differences … We believe if we do it right, we should be able to do this in a good way.”

However, given that the same staff will be using the same software to assess claimants using the same legal criteria, it is questionable how much difference a better bedside manner is likely to make to make.

See the Guardian for the full story.


+2 #5 d 2015-01-25 17:31
yet again lost for words
+5 #4 Seth Laa 2015-01-20 20:05
Same old rubbish, just a different day. Our clever Government(s) screw the public (disabled) to save £1 but spend £3 to do it.That's very clever 'NOT'
+7 #3 morgandlin 2015-01-20 05:16
Prominent disability campaigner, Sue Marsh, has been taken on by Maximus, as head of Customer Services, at £75k per annum.

She previously claimed that Maximus were the worst replacements, for ATOS, she could think of.

She is currently claiming ESA, and is in the Support Group. Her acceptance of the job has not exactly gone down too well....

+5 #2 tintack 2015-01-20 01:16
It looks as though the government has been forced to offer ludicrous amounts of cash to offset the reputational damage that Maximus will inevitably suffer. And I believe it is indeed inevitable: even if we grant the extremely generous assumption that Maximus are entirely well-intentione d, the fact remains that they will be carrying out the same test as Atos, using the same discredited computer program, and in many cases the same staff who until recently worked for Atos. Even the Work and Pensions select committee has warned that just replacing Atos with someone else and leaving the test as it is is bound to fail. It won't be long before the horror stories start on Maximus' watch unless a new government gets in in May and brings in a test based on proper, peer-reviewed medical expertise (and even if that happens it will take time to implement).
+3 #1 Paul Richards 2015-01-19 21:17
Hi all,
Yet another absolute disgrace from this widely and uniformly discredited Tory/Lib Dem Coalition - Why? The UK is the 5th or 6th richest country in the World. Our people are being driven to suicide and are also being forced to going to foodbanks to survive.
I have said this on here before (only TOO many times!!)
We are paying millions into Overseas Aid - We are paying £55 million per day into the EU coffers - We are going to pay goodness knows how many billions into an unwanted HS2 train system, so that (perhaps?) more wealthy commuters can travel into London!!
We are, no doubt going to spend goodness how many millions further (before too long) in sending in our troops to fight some other someone else's war (probably the Americans!!)
Is this 'Government' again using taxpayer's money? - not the 'Government's money as they as such have NONE!)
Maximus is, allegedly, a firm who in the USA have been pilloried for fraud - (as has ATOS also!)
Are they going to be even better then ATOS - I somehow don't think so! I very much doubt, given the description above, that things are going to improve (for Maximus!!) apart from the vast amounts of money that they are set to receive, - anytime soon!
Lord help ANY 'claimants' for ANY benefits if this terrible Tory Coalition gets in again!

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