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Following its signing of disability campaigner Sue Marsh earlier this month, Maximus – the company taking over the work capability assessment contract from Atos in March - have now signed up a leading disability charity as well.

Disability Rights UK (DRUK) have announced that they have agreed a contract to deliver training in disability equality to Maximus health professionals.

DRUK has over 300 member organisations, including many national charities, and aims to ‘Break the link between disability and poverty’. Maximus, which is being paid more than double the amount that Atos was being paid to carry out WCA’s seems keen to prevent potential opponents from slipping into poverty by sharing some of its taxpayer funded profits with them.

DRUK are also advertising for people to take part in what looks very much like a promotional campaign for income protection insurance – the sort of thing that Unum provide as an alternative to state support – though there is no suggestion that Unum are involved on this occasion.

Members of the public who have had a serious illness and are trying to return to work are offered the amounts of money and support they would have had if they had been wealthy enough to afford to take out income protection insurance cover. They are filmed as they make the return to work and these films can then be used to encourage people to take out income protection insurance.

Of course, the worse the level of state benefits and state support, the more easily people can be persuaded to take out such insurance, giving insurance companies a vested interest in maintaining the link between disability and poverty.


+1 #7 Stephen David Winder 2015-02-02 16:29
I suppose the proof is in the pudding? IF she actually makes the system fairer, & easier, less daunting etc. she may very well succeed? However, IF she eventually gets "swayed" by Job Titles, pay packet etc. she will fail miserably! Too many others started off with good intentions, many very efficient at Ground root level, only to have their head's turned once the Bright Lights/Bulging pay rises followed. And, such their once illustrious Careers sank without trace. Notable Union leaders of old have fallen for this trap. I sincerely hope Sue Marsh has the courage of her once convictions, & devises far better, caring system than these despicable Gov. members have thrust upon the less able in our Society.
+6 #6 Anthony Hagger 2015-01-29 10:00
I truly believe both Sue Marsh and DRUK have now sold there souls to the devil and I trust them not.
+5 #5 tintack 2015-01-29 01:39
First Sue Marsh and now this. It's beginning to look like it could be a divide and rule tactic on Maximus' part. There are two possible responses:

1. Maybe Sue Marsh and DRUK genuinely believe they can change the system from within, so let's give them a chance to see what they can do before jumping to conclusions.


2. There's no excuse, getting into bed with Maximus is an unforgivable betrayal. At best Sue Marsh and DRUK are being very naive, at worst they've sold their souls to the devil.

The trouble is that both reactions are entirely understandable. Are Maximus hoping that we'll spend so much time arguing among ourselves about which of the above responses is correct that we'll take our eye off the ball? Perhaps they genuinely want to hear the views of those affected by this dreadful system, but after Atos I think we're entitled to be rather sceptical (especially if DRUK are indeed getting involved in Unum-style insurance).
+3 #4 Matata2011 2015-01-28 21:22
Money does bring out the worst in certain people indeed, I am not surprised however May ballot cross will be the judge.Lessons have been learnt here for us,together we will make it, divided we will perish at least we know who to trust
+8 #3 Paul Richards 2015-01-28 19:34
Bill & johnboy,
Yes, you're both right.
As I understand it, DRUK (& Sue Marsh for that matter) have been constantly banging on about the total unfairness and cruelty of the so called 'Welfare Reform' policies by this terrible and totally heartless Tory/Lib Dem Coalition - and then, what do they do - with the alledged provision of much more than a bucket full of basically 'blood money' - they jump into bed with the arch enemies of the sick and disabled of this country. Their actions will not be forgotten by the sick and disabled claimants of Britain.
They have, seemingly swallowed their once dearly held principles and have ditched everyone to their possible dreadful fate.
Shame on them all and I hope that they live to regret their disgraceful decisions.
+6 #2 johnboy 2015-01-28 17:55
Looks a bit iffy to me too
+6 #1 Bill 2015-01-28 06:55
Is this a good thing that DRUK have signed up? To me this seems wrong, am I understanding this correctly?


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