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Figures released today by the Office for National Statistics show that suicide rates, which had fallen consistently since 1981, have been climbing since 2007 and are now at their highest in over a decade. It is primarily male suicides which have increased.

The figures for 2013 give a total of 6,233 deaths by suicide, 252 more than in 2012.

Suicide rates appear to be highest in areas of high unemployment, with the north-east of England having the highest rate and London the lowest. Older males are now the most at risk, with 45-59 year olds having the highest rate.

The link between benefits issues and increased suicide risk is being highlighted by charities such as Mind.

Speaking to the Guardian, Tom Pollard, policy and campaigns manager at Mind, said:

“Pressurising people by threatening to stop their benefits causes a great deal of financial problems and emotional distress, with some people attempting to take their own lives as a result.”

“While the right type of employment can be beneficial to wellbeing, the support offered to those on mandatory back-to-work schemes such as the Work Programme is far too generic to effectively help people with mental health problems move towards employment. We need to see an overhaul of the system with more tailored specialised support and less focus on sanctioning.”

Read more in the Guardian


0 #2 peggy2 2015-03-18 01:21
Whilst MP`s can claim there allowances for food, drink, luxury second homes with extra bedrooms and build up their bank accounts and shares and pension funds etc., They thought up the plan to attack the most vulnerable in society, this was to take away media attention away from there MP`s benefits woops I mean MP`s allowances.... then expect the most vulnerable in society to find work on empty stomach`s and with debts piling high, I cannot understand how another human can treat another human in this way. MP`s have turned a blind eye and left other services such as Food Banks, Hospitals, and Police to deal with it all. Whilst cutting funding, except there own of course, I think another investigation into there allowances is way overdue!!
May all those suffering somehow get comfort in knowing that people always get found out...How much do Duncan Smith and Mcvey cost the Tax Payers,,,how much of they written off on DWP sotware...it is them that need to be sanctioned and their mp allowance stopped then the TAX Payer would be happier.
0 #1 mike1983 2015-03-01 14:59
its sad to see people do this cos of the goverment yet there not even changing all they care abouyt is money they dnt realise living standards are falling not rising like cameron says. like cameron has any idea what me and the rest of the average joe public go through daily

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