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Research carried out by ITV News has shown that over one in three disabled people with a Motability car has had it taken away from them when they transferred from disability living allowance (DLA) to personal independence payment (PIP).motability website

According to ITV’s research, out of 8,000 Motability car users who have been assessed for PIP, 3,000 have been found not to qualify for the enhanced rate of the Pip mobility component and thus lost their car.

According to Motability, no one with a terminal illness has had their Motability car taken from them and only three of the cars so far were adapted for a wheelchair.

The DWP gave ITV a statement arguing that:

“We have worked closely with Motability to ensure that support is available to people leaving the Scheme following PIP reassessment.

"Motability have agreed that the majority of people will be eligible for a one-off payment of £2,000, which will help ensure their mobility needs continue to be met.”

In reality, an award of just £2,000 is extremely unlikely to be a long-term solution for people with very restricted mobility.

When, in December 2012, the DWP produced their final version of the PIP points system they suddenly revealed that the maximum distance you need to be able to walk to qualify for enhanced rate mobility had been slashed from 50 metres to 20 metres.

The DWP tried to argue that because issues such as safely, reliably and repeatedly and in a reasonable time period would have to be taken into account, then the reduction in the walking distance would have limited effect on claimants.

The figures from Motability reveal just how untrue that claim was.

You can read the full story on the ITV website


#6 Lynne Curtis 2016-10-31 03:51
I have received my brown envelope informing me that I have kept my enhanced payment for DLA now PIP., but lost my enhanced mobility it has been dropped to a lower rate. I telephoned to ask why as nothing has changed my illness hasn't altered in fact the reverse. I asked for my case to be reviewed how long that will take I am unsure.
Yesterday I received notification from Mobility informing me that they want the car back on the 22/11/16 or a payment of £11,350. Has anyone any idea of what I can do next?
+4 #5 kathy 2015-03-17 06:30
Indeed, I know of someone who went to an assessment and was dropped off at the door. They were not observed walking to the assessment room with an aid, or the number of times they had to stop. They were stripped of their HRMC, because they could walk more than 20 metres. It came to light that the assessor had previously measured the distance door to door as 21 metres. I wonder how much of this is due to incompetent assessors, with very limited medical specialism who do not understand how to apply the reliably etc rule, plus a combination of having to find 'ingenious ways' to achieve targets.
+6 #4 Paul Richards 2015-03-16 22:25
And - also, whilst punishing the poor, the sick and the disabled of our land, - they, at the same time can not do enough to help the bankers, the multinational companies, the millionaires, the billionaires and the tax evaders and any other Country in Overseas Aid and they have the audacity to say that this is a ' fair and democratic Britain'.
But, we must also not forget their avowed mantra above anything else - their 'long term economic plan' of abolishing the 'deficit' and to then keep on cutting until we are back into the nineteen thirties!
This Government MUST be kicked out at all costs.
+7 #3 Paul Richards 2015-03-16 20:35
Hi all,
Yet another total disgrace from this awful DWP (& hence also Ian Duncan Smith, who is the 'ultimate' Minister at the head of them).
It is his unremitting & murderous onslaught upon the sick and disabled of this Country which has resulted in this situation occurring.
It is shameful that genuinely disabled people are having their mobility cars being taken away from them - this does nothing other than taking their well deserved transport away from them and then consigning them to a life of being effectively 'housebound' and hence very, very miserable and depressed. Not all of the disabled have 'families' or 'friends' who can help out in any way whatsoever.
This Neo-Nazi (minus the LibDems who now, to save their sorry necks, are reneaging on FULLY supporting the Tories!) Coalition will, like Hitler, be only happy when 'no-one that can work until they actually die' will be got rid of.
I am 49yrs old now & I never thought that I would live to see the day when a possibly pseudo-Nazi Government would be, (once again back in power), but, unless our electorate are strategically very sensible, then they could be. And at their head, Herr Cameron & Herr Osborne, not to mention their ultimate henchman Herr Ian Duncan Smith. (In German - 'work will make you free'!!) - Yeah!!
+5 #2 Bill 2015-03-16 16:51
We just hope that come Election Day, everyone will remember stories like this.

We also hope that anyone who thinks that the Labour Party will be just as bad to us as the Tory Party will be, will now think again.

5 more years of Iain Duncan Smith and the Tories, REALLY ?!

Mrs & Mrs Bill
+4 #1 carol archer 2015-03-16 13:40
how many will get the one off payment
I spoke to my doctor about how worried I am and its making my depression worst the doctor said they cant go against the doctors diagnosis as it will make the medical world look like they are not capable of being a GP this doesn't really help with stress I have had suicide thoughts I think death is the better choice I think this it what they want disabled people to do even though my father mother husband have never claimed benefits because they belive it brings shame that they are not supporting there family I think English who have lived here all there lives and paid into the system are intitled to benefits I have not chosen to be disabled I worked to hard and carried on working even when I was ill because claiming benefits made you feel a failier I was proud to be English but theirs nothing to feel proud of anymore

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