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When asked if he would rule out taxing disability benefits in a television interview on BBC breakfast this morning, David Cameron failed to do so, saying only:

“What we’ve done through this parliament is we’ve actually improved the money that goes to the most disabled people in our country. We’ve replaced one benefit – disability living allowance – with a new benefit – personal independence payment – it’s working well, it is also going to lead to some savings over time and we haven’t created that benefit in order to undermine it. We want to enhance it and safeguard it.

“As we look to find those welfare savings we should apply some very clear principles: one, that work should always pay; two, that the most disabled should always be protected, we look after those in need; and third, people who have paid into the system and look forward to a dignified retirement, we should look after them too”.

The assertion that "the most disabled should always be protected" allows the Conservative party to decide who "the most disabled" are.  It leaves them free to, for example, do away with the work-related activity group (WRAG) of employment and support allowance on the grounds that people in the WRAG are not the most disabled.

The reality is that the majority of disabled people would be astonished to learn that the money they have received has been ‘improved’ under the coalition.

They would not be at all surprised at plans to cut their income via taxation after the next election.


+1 #21 cdeet22 coulson 2015-04-12 01:57
5 years of fear & distress to the point of not being able to open brown envelopes. it took nearly 2 years to get psychodynamic therapy. Don't think I can do another 5 years, it's all so futile.
+1 #20 john 2015-04-09 12:25
wish you were able to vote SNP the only party that ia against austerity
+4 #19 tintack 2015-04-05 15:09
Not only are they refusing to rule out hitting disability benefits, they're also now refusing to rule out cutting the top rate of income tax from 45p to 40p. So as the number of people relying on food banks because they can't afford to eat heads towards a million, the Tories' priority is to give the richest even more, just as they did in this parliament when they cut the top rate from 50p to 45p. Labour, for all its faults, is committed to restoring the 50p top rate. The idea that there is no real difference between the parties is now surely untenable.
+4 #18 angela 2015-04-05 09:26
Once again the Torys denie that there is a problem with child proverty when will this goverment admit it has got it wrong and listern to the people on the front line who have to deal day in day out with the problems
+4 #17 Paul Richards 2015-04-03 22:36
Bill & Mrs Bill, Drizzle & tintack
Yes, you are right - even more stress for everyone affected by these changes. We, in South West England are dominated by Tories & LibDems, so unfortunately not too much chance of Labour gains here! It is shameful that once 'zero-rated' Council Tax has now to be paid by the very poorest in society. If one pays by monthly instalments over the year, if one misses one payment of this, it's ok - if a second one is missed it's ok, but miss a third instalment - then they will rapidly write to you demanding the full payment of all three and all of the others outstanding. I realise that local Councils have had their funding cut, but at times there is still a lot of wasted spending by them on unnecessary things and projects. A few years ago, there was a load of money which various Councils had stashed away and put into an Icelandic Bank which went soon broke. Many are still waiting for their money back!
A lot of that money could have been used for Adult/Elderly Social Care packages - easing 'bed blocking' for instance.
The Housing Benefit changes/Bedroom Tax could potentially cripple many poor people - but the Government doesn't care a tuppeny damn - after all - they are all 'right' - no financial worries there! And still the Bankers and the Multinationals get away with it.
It's all so totally disgraceful.
+4 #16 Paul Richards 2015-04-03 22:22
Hi all,
tintack - yes, you are definitely right in your last comments - I did not see the whole of the broadcast but what I did see of Cameron was his usual arrogant and steely-mouthed way - like a needle stuck in the proverbial groove - saying all that he believed that the coalition had done a lot of good for the Country in the last 5 years.
The usual sh*t in fact - how they had created all of these new jobs (he couldn't survive on a 0 hour contract) but he obviously expects a lot of the workforce to survive on them. The 'halving' (?!) of the deficit, the government's 'long term economic plan' and how 'economically' Britain was now stronger.
I didn't see the reference to his son, but anyway, after what they have done to the sick and the disabled and made them suffer needlessly due to austerity - he and his cronies should be utterly ashamed of themselves. Their time in 'POWER' has been driven by idealistic right-wing actions, the cruel trampling down of the poor, the vulnerable and sick and disabled people. They have cut the rights of people to complain or to get their case heard in the Courts. They have, by stealth told deliberate lies, twisted and minimised the truth to keep the public and 'working people' on side whilst also (I am sure at times), remotely 'controlling' the print and broadcast media. The millionaires have had tax cuts of £44000 each over 4-5 years, the tax evasionists have largely got away scot free, the rich have been helped, overseas aid has hardly changed, £50 million per day into EU coffers (for what? - CERTAINLY NO HELP AT ALL FROM THE ECHR to stop their 'welfare reform' cruelty.
Cameron, like so many of the others are sociopaths/psyc hopaths and they should never ever be allowed to be in a 'consensual' and 'democratic' government.
+6 #15 tintack 2015-04-03 16:22
Quoting Bill:
Yes indeed tintack anyone who could stoop so low as to make use of his poor young son in the way that he did last night, and as he has done in the recent past too, must be a very, very nasty piece of work.

A very nasty man, leading a very nasty Party.

Mrs Bill

I wouldn't mind it so much when he mentions his disabled son if he'd made sure that sick and disabled people were decently treated under his government. At least then he could argue that his own experience had informed his policies. But to try to curry favour by mentioning his son while his government is kicking lumps out of other sick and disabled people is beneath contempt. It takes a special kind of bastard to do that.
+3 #14 Bill 2015-04-03 09:50
Drizzle #9

Regarding your Housing Benefit question, its what our local Council are talking about now so next year, who knows.

Our Council have already started charging us Council Tax as from 3 days ago so we are already paying that out of our Benefit.

Stress, stress, and more stress.

Mrs Bill
+4 #13 Bill 2015-04-03 09:43
Yes indeed tintack anyone who could stoop so low as to make use of his poor young son in the way that he did last night, and as he has done in the recent past too, must be a very, very nasty piece of work.

A very nasty man, leading a very nasty Party.

Mrs Bill
+6 #12 tintack 2015-04-03 01:10
So, in the leaders debate he once again refused to rule out hitting disability benefits, but was only too happy to mention his disabled son to improve his standing with the audience. What an utter snake of a man.
+4 #11 Paul Richards 2015-04-01 21:19
Sorry - that should read:

+4 #10 Paul Richards 2015-04-01 16:38
Hi all,
Thought you may be interested in reading this one - there is a possibility that if the Tories especially go in next time - our NHS could get sold off (and other 'public services' also)
This is all to do with the TTIP US/EU Trade deal that is currently going through the Brussels bureaucrats!

+5 #9 Drizzle 2015-04-01 16:32
Quoting Bill:
From what we hear, next year our Housing Benefit will also be cut so there will be another several hundred pounds to find out of our ESA that we have never had to pay before.

Are there any definite plans to cut housing benefit for those in receipt of disability benefits? I can't remember reading of any but that doesn't mean much of course with all the horror stories flying about at the moment.

Death by a thousand cuts sums the feeling up very well.
+4 #8 angela 2015-04-01 12:41
In reply to Jim does this goverment care what the European Courts say
about its own people seem to do what it wants and gets away with it
+4 #7 Jim Allison 2015-03-31 19:45
Both DLA and PIP paid free of income tax because they are provided to help chronic sick & disabled people meet the extra costs of disability.

In my opinion it would need new primary legislation to tax these benefits, which means that both Houses of Parliament would have to debate this fully and vote accordingly, and I cannot envisage that happening. It would need wide consultation between the DWP & HMRC and again in my opinion would be in breach of the Human Rights Act 1998 - Article 14 "Prohibition of discrimination".

Taxing disability benefits would again in my opinion be classed by the European Court as 'discrimination '.
#6 pusscatsmum 2015-03-31 14:36
Surely it would make better sense for the govt to do the following.

Keep all ESA/DLA/PIP/IIB and then tax everyone induvidually who is on these and any benefits over the induvidual tax levy of £10.600 per annum and also get all to pay NI contributions.

This only applies to all those of working age.

I would suggest this is a fair way of dealing with those on Benefits and as a recipient think this would allow us to keep our dignity.

I would rather this then losing all my DLA/PIP my CB ESA SG and my IIB at 50% following an accident at work.

This would be a fair way of representing what you put in you reap and provides money to go to the NHS etc from one and all.

I would suggest that the govt would make more money this way from one and all rather then denegrating us all as 'Feckless'.

Obviously some would not like to do this, but they should think of others rather than just themselvesy
+7 #5 Bill 2015-03-31 14:30
Its like Chinese Water Torture, or death by a thousand Cuts!

This year we have already had our Council Tax Benefit cut so we have to pay hundreds of pounds a year out of our ESA that we didnt have to pay before.

From what we hear, next year our Housing Benefit will also be cut so there will be another several hundred pounds to find out of our ESA that we have never had to pay before.

Now we see that Disability Benefits might (probably that means) be taxed so there will be another few hundred pounds a year we will have to find out of our ESA that we have never had to find before.

Add to that 1% increase or Frozen Benefits and life becomes harder and harder each year.

Then we have to worry about the Cuts that we havent yet heard of...... Stress, stress, stress..... its little wonder why we never feel very well is it?

Mrs Bill
+7 #4 satmanbasil 2015-03-31 14:17
Once again Cameron not saying what the nasty party will do after the election with regards to welfare, surely he must know that any advanced notice of changes will be a vote lost from people who rely on welfare benefits due to ill health. Between Cameron & IDS they seem to have solved what the NHS cant do with regards to people with long term health issues claiming they can get them back to work. So these W*****k know more about my illness than my consultant ....right?
Think its time the general public are made aware what they purpose to do as many right now may have a job or there health but in time one or both will fall upon them and then they will find no contribution income JSA/ESA possible no WRAG ESA and possible tax on DLA/PIP/Univers al credit think Dave & George would sell there own grandmother into slavery just to save a quid or two. And all the time they repeat "Hard Working Families" so what about those hard working who happen to fall ill are we now to be treated as scum?
WAKE UP BRITAIN !!!! Don't vote conservative in the election unless you wish to vote away the safety net of the Welfare state
+5 #3 MarkW 2015-03-31 12:12
If DLA is taxed, what happens to payments made to Motability for a car? If you lose the car many people will be out of work, or housebound!
+3 #2 micksville 2015-03-31 11:29
Most obvious cut to me might not only ge taxation of dla and pip....might also be a measure to bring disability benefits into the overall benefit cap, which disabled claimants in receipt of dla/pip are currdntly exempt from. Also tightening (if possible) of pip criteria

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