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As reported elsewhere on the Benefits and Work site, details of potential Conservative cuts to benefits have emerged.

These include:

  • taxing DLA, PIP and AA,
  • axeing contribution-based ESA and JSA,
  • cutting the work-related activity component of ESA to 50p,
  • cutting carers allowance numbers by 40%,
  • making people pay the first 10% of their housing benefit.

How would these cuts affect you?

What sort of income would you have left to live on and would it be possible to do so?


+3 #9 annken 2015-04-13 12:27
Conservatives say if you play by the rules you will be fine.. Let me tell you I have played by the rules all my life. I am female have paid full stamp for 34 years of my full time working life, and I have been through some of the most degrading interviews in my life when I became ill. ending up with me feeling like a criminal and having to go to court which was an horrendous process. I wouldn't have needed benefits ESA if my old age pension hadn't been moved from age 60 to 64.5 years with virtually no notice.A loss of 25K
Don't believe a word politicians say any more I played by the rules. If your young today my advice is DON'T.
+5 #8 Bill 2015-04-08 16:21
Like many others here we will struggle even more than we do already.

The special dietary needs will go out the window and the cheapest possible food will have to be bought.

Confined to home as we could not afford petrol and are too disabled to walk many yards.

Our home will be at risk if our Housing Benefit is cut so we would have to throw ourselves on the mercy of our local council (private landlords have little time for their tenants when the going gets tough).

Though we would not consider ending it all, its a sad state of affairs to end up in after working and paying our way for 40+ years.

We never thought that our last few years of life would be simply existing, rather than having any sort of enjoyment of life at all.

Add to all that the stress that is heaped upon us by not knowing what will be cut next and we can quite understand why some people are asking...... is it all worth it?

Mrs & Mr Bill
+3 #7 tazman 2015-04-08 15:15
I rent privately so my rent is higher than social housing. My house is considered to be bigger than I need and so only get two thirds of the rent in housing benefit. It is my sanctuary and I class it as my luxury item. I have had to swallow less than full council tax benefit as many have. If I have to pay more of my rent my life would not be worth living as I struggle now. I have no chance of getting social housing so there is no way out for me. At the moment I am in SG, but that could change at any time. I'm on borrowed time and I'm not sure my nerves can take much more. Suicide is always at the back of my mind and if things get any worse, it's going to be hard to ignore that nagging solution to a miserable life.
+4 #6 b s 2015-04-08 11:23
Funeral directors will be inundated with the work load of increased
suicides and benefit related deaths as a result of these murdering
low empathy psychopath's if they are god forbid unelected back in to power with absolutely no mandate as they were back in 2010.
+6 #5 Just Me 2015-04-08 09:29
How would it effect me?

Well being without any family, hardly any friends and suffering from a very debilitating illness would mean financial ruin within a month. I live hand to mouth as it is.

I'm not being overly dramatic when I say would be seriously considering suicide. :(

Why doesn't the great British public wake up to what this government is planning on doing and fight back!!
+4 #4 naheegan 2015-04-08 00:07
Cuts in these areas will mean great difficulty for many.
My tax, if this benefit change is implemented, with the recent increase in my rent (same old housing, new landlord) will be equivalent to a week's grocery shop. Cutting my WRAC to 50p will mean that I work for 0.016p/hr instead of .96p/hr. "Making sure work pays." Paying the first 10% of HB means I would lose a week's worth of grocery budget every month. That's very life changing, indeed, and a great worry as I was ill for three years with malnutrition in the past due to high rent and low benefit income.
+5 #3 sjr 2015-04-07 21:52
If I didn't get my contribution based esa it would put me and my husband in a very difficult position. As I am 59 my pension age has been moved to 66 so I would recieve no money for the next 6 years. My husband retired last year after working a year extra in a very physical job for long hours that at 67 he could not go back to. With a small pension that he has and some savings we would not qualify for any help but it would leave us in a bad position. I still have to be changed to pip and if that amount went down as well I'm not sure we would be able to manage to stay in our home. They keep saying that they will make work pay but it certainly hasn't paid in our case. Very worried which certainly doesn't help with everything. Sue Russell.
-4 #2 pusscatsmum 2015-04-07 18:20
I had an accident at work in the Local Govt and was put on CB IB/DLA/IIB and was told this was' for life' as it was an accident at work and was instead of a pension as it was paid the same by the govt.
So if my CB ESA/DLA/IIB was to go under this new wave of cuts I will be left with nothing to live on. Not possible to live on at all.
I met my husband 10 years after my accident and we checked with the DWP and was told no problem, his income is his, as your CB IB/DLA/IIB was as a pension as agreed instead of a LA pension as all comes out of the same pot.
He does not earn enough for us both to live on and why should I lose my independence.
This makes me feel sick to think that my accident at work will render us penalised, as although he does not earn a huge amount it will still be deemed above us being able to apply for an IR benefit.
I own the house, pay for all building/house content/holiday insurance, along with all my disabled renovations, equipment, pay for the upkeep of our own house, full council tax, medical, NHS,dental etc etc and it is really wrong that those on IR benefits and in social housing do not have to pay for any of these things.
It feels as though those who have worked and need help are now the pariahs. Perhaps we should never has worked
+11 #1 mayflower 2015-04-07 17:16
It is not unexpected that the Tories are even considering these cuts to sickness & disability benefits but monstrous they are refusing to come clean with the electorate before pollling day. I suspect they are not as confident of their own MPs & core voters support on these saving/cuts to welfare benefits as they would have us believe. I currently receive CB based ESA & have been in the SG for 4 yrs, DLA higher rate care & mobility (have a motability car) & Carers Allowance all of which are going to be at best reduced & at worst cut. Cuttting CB based ESA is a double bonus for the Tories & a double whammy for us as not only will it mean state pension contributions will not be paid on behalf of those too ill to work but it will also mean lower state pension entitlement for those who got enough qualifying years for the full rate. Both my partner & I had to retire early from our jobs due to ill health & have small work pensions which just tip us over the threshold for IR ESA so to lose some or all of my existing benefits would make life very difficult for us so what it would do for others who are already worse off than us - horrendous.
I intend to write to my sitting MP - a Tory in a very safe seat who is standing for re election & to the other candidates asking for their views on this diabolical situtation & why I should vote for them.

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