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The Green party, Plaid Cymru and members of the SNP are all backing a call by CarerWatch and Pat’s Petition for a ‘Ceasefire in Welfare Reforms.’ Campaigners are now asking supporters to take part in a ‘thunderclap’ on April 16th.

Amongst other issues, the groups are calling for a temporary halt to ESA sanctions, the one year contribution-based ESA time-limit, the bedroom tax for ESA claimants and repeated work capability reassessments. The halt would allow time for a proper review of how sick and disabled people are being treated in relation to work, in particular.

They are also urging supporters to sign up to a ‘thunderclap’ which will broadcast a message from hundreds of supporters simultaneously via Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr on April 16th in the hope of moving benefits up the election agenda.

You can find out more about the ceasefire via the Disability News Service and sign up to the thunderclap here.


+1 #1 Jim Allison 2015-04-12 15:03
I hope they are successful, it certainly needs slowing down. Welfare reform is necessary as they are currently over 40 benefits. From my experience in welfare rights, it would take 10-15 years to do this.

DLA was an easy benefit to administer, and despite IDS rant's, figures hardly changed because as new claims were made, many were coming off DLA. PIP is savage benefit and DLA will still be claimed by those who were over 65 when PIP was introduced in Nov 2013. So we will have some claiming PIP, others claiming DLA.

Fewer and fewer doctors are now carrying out assessments because the GMC feels PIP assessments are too harsh, so instead we now have adverts for nurses, physiotherapist s, occupational therapists and paramedics being asked by the companies responsible for the administration offering salaries of £34,000 to £38,000 for Medical Analysts which in my opinion will lead to a shortage of these professionals who are paid much less than the salaries being offered.

Only those with severe chronic illness and/or disabilities will be assessed by a qualified doctor of medicine.

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