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Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg told the BBC tonight that he would not take his party into a coalition with the Conservatives if they stick to their plan to cut benefits by £12 billion over two years. However, the Lib Dems are themselves proposing £3 billion in cuts to benefits.

In a Leader interview with Evan Davis, Clegg said:

“I would not recommend to the Lib Dems that we go into coalition with the Conservatives if they insist on a plan which is wilfully a remarkable departure from what we've done in this coalition: where we've asked those with the broadest shoulders to pay more through the tax system to balance the books.

"They're asking for £12 billion over two years. We've made shy of £20 billion over five, over half a decade. They want to ask the poorest to make those additional sacrifices at the same time as saying to the richest that they don't need to pay an extra penny through the tax system to balance the books. That is downright unfair."

However, Clegg refused to say what level of cuts to benefits he would accept, leading to the possibility of some sort of ‘split the difference’ deal with the Tories.

Nonetheless, for many sick and disabled claimants, even this level of resistance to Conservative cuts may appear to be better than none at all.


#8 micksville 2015-04-26 11:54
I see Cameron has announced his agenda for the first 100 days of a majority tory government, assuming he gets one. It includes the welfare cap of course, which both labour and lib dems suppirt. I wondered however, the other leaked measures such as cuts to child benefit, child tax credits, the taxing of disability benefits and scrapping of wrag or of extra payments in wrag.....would these measures require primary legislation or require a vote in parliament? It looks increasingly likely that a labour, snp, green opposition could vote down any tory lib/dem/dup legislation ...Or could some of these measures simpky be brought in without drafting new legislation? Anyone know the legalities of this?
#7 Allen 2015-04-22 15:47
Pusscatsmum - I'm in a similar situation as yourself and its going to be no joke. I'm 60 and have seen my pension age to 62 and then to 66! At least we have fresh air until they tax us on that. I'm voting SNP not to break up the UK but because of their views in helping the sick, poor, disabled and unemployed throughout the UK as no other party wants to help just cuts cuts cuts
#6 Paul Richards 2015-04-16 23:07
Hi SusanH,
You are very right in what you say - from his own previous lamentable record (both as a leader of the LibDems and as his ('laughable')! representation as the 'Deputy Prime Minister' in the (just-past) Tory/LibDem Coalition) - he would truly sell his own grandmother for 'POWER' in a Government.
He is a total disgrace as a Politician. He has sold his own 'heart felt' LibDems down the river to the Eton Boy Tories - and even now, - he still thinks that he may be able to win 'POWER' once again -
what a deluded 'once been' politician.
I forecast a total fall in his deluded fortunes - they will be lucky to get 20 seats in the next Parliament.
I personally would not trust this man one iota!
But, no doubt his 'sheep' LibDems will still follow him. (Duh!!)
Meanwhile, David Cameron STILL thinks that he is Prime Minister!

Hi pusscatsmum - I feel really sorry for you and your husband.
You have done everything that you can to provide for yourself and at the end of the day, this terrible state (and their stupid rules) have come down on you to prevent you from having the income that you definitely deserve.
All that I can say is that you should fight all of this tooth and nail and try to get everything that you undoubtedly deserve.
It is SO unfair at times - but you must fight it (and that applies also to ALL claimant people on here. This state will crucify you if they can - but unless you fight back - they will win and you will lose).
And then, to add insult to injury - all of this 'saved' money will be hived off into unnecessary wasteful projects and also given in 'overseas aid' for corrupt Governments to fund their 'arms requisition deals' and their 'space programmes' (whilst their poorest people in their countries starve in abject poverty).
Am I being 'cynical', - or am I being realistic in my thinking?
+1 #5 SusanH 2015-04-16 07:08
Who can believe a word, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, says?
#4 angela 2015-04-15 08:00
This goverment seems hell bent on distroying the lives of the disabled and the sick i my self will be left out to dry if all these cuts come into force can they really do all this
#3 tintack 2015-04-14 14:22
Quoting Jaycie:
Sorry, but what is UC?

UC = Universal Credit.
#2 JeanCannon 2015-04-14 13:51
Sorry, but what is UC?
+3 #1 pusscatsmum 2015-04-14 09:48
'Nonetheless, for many sick and disabled claimants, even this level of resistance to Conservative cuts may appear to be better than none at all.'
The cuts the Cons party are advocating WILL leave me with no income as they plan to abolish CB ESA/IIB and make DLA/PIP allowed only for those on UC.
Therefore no esa, no dla, no IIB = no income for me.
I do NOT have a pension, but married 10 years ago, ( I have been medically retired from work since 1996), husband works full time and cares for me full time, hence his income is over £15.000 per annum, we do not get any other financial help or carers allowance or anything as I own the small property we live in.
So the cuts will cut very deeply as will still be above a means tested amount. Shame on the govt, I did not want to have an accident at work, moreover I did not want to stop work and live of a pittance,especi ally as my profession gave me a very good income.
I have been well and truly shafted

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