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Years of misery for claimants, and millions of pounds spent on rushed assessments, have reduced the number of claimants receiving employment and support allowance (ESA) or incapacity benefit (IB) by just 3%.

The latest DWP statistics, released today, show that the claimant count for ESA/IB has fallen by just 83,000 since the Coalition took control in May 2010, from 2,613,000 to 2,530,000, and is currently on the increase again.ESA statistics graph

In that time, millions of claimants have endured the anxiety of waiting in a massive backlog for their work capability assessment, to decide whether they were eligible to move from IB to ESA. The health of many claimants has deteriorated as a result of delayed and inaccurate medicals and the work capability assessment (WCA) has been linked to a number of claimant deaths.

Indeed, the standard of the assessments that took place as the Coalition tried to rush through the mass migration of claimants was so controversial that Atos were replaced by Maximus last month, for a fee that is now more than double, though the test remains the same.

The tiny fall in awards would almost certainly have happened without mass migration from IB to ESA, in any case, as IB/ESA awards had dropped from a high of 2.78 million in November 2003 to 2.61 million in February 2010.

It is only since the Coalition took control of the DWP that IB/ESA awards, having initially fallen, have begun a remorseless rise since the summer of 2013.

But these statistics will not be ones you will hear IDS, or any other coalition minister, talking about between now and 7 May.

You can download the April statistical summary from this link


+1 #5 stuart52 2015-04-20 09:55
our Blackcat predictions,2 years dole money allowed in the whole of your life, and £19.00 a week in food stamps and nothing else and they are in the process of being cut stateside.. Sorry about that. I hope I am wrong.
you could be more right than you know blackcat, some years ago the government of the day sent a team of people to the USA to see how they did things over there, i have heard nothing since but it really makes you wonder if indeed they will implement their system and time limit benefits, i hope not but who can say, we clearly now live in a country that for various reasons benefit claiments are hated.
#4 Blackcat 2015-04-19 20:09
Blackcat says YO.

I think the people we should be writing to is our respective Congressmen in the United States. I don't actually know who my Congressman is, all this is a cut & paste of OBAMACARE. A certain company is being sued by its staff and by various states because it is so sleazy. For legal reasons I cannot name it,but it operates over here.and is making a lot of money.
Your Blackcat predictions,2 years dole money allowed in the whole of your life, and £19.00 a week in food stamps and nothing else and they are in the process of being cut stateside.. Sorry about that. I hope I am wrong.
+2 #3 Paul Richards 2015-04-18 22:59
Hi all,
One overriding question that I would really like someone to answer is: Why is the European Commission on Human Rights not intervening at all on what this Government Coalition has done, and has been doing - and (God forbid!) what they will be doing even more if they get in once again.
If they do get in again - will they intervene or not?
Britain is at present paying £55 million per day (and every day!) into the European Coffers.
They, (as I understand it) are there to protect 'European Citizens' from Human Rights violations 'from within' and 'from without' of their borders.
As I see it, at the moment - we are paying into an 'insurance policy' as part of the European Treaty to protect the sick and the vulnerable and all 'minor' groups from any persecution, - (let alone 'State sponsored discrimination & persecution' as it is at the moment) and, when it is now needed they are taking no action at all.
Our 'last' Government Coalition would have been beside itself to protect and stand up for the rights of 'other' countries populations, but as to their own population, well - as far as they are concerned,
they can go to hell. The whole thing is totally disgraceful.
+2 #2 bro58 2015-04-18 15:14
See this related article :

+4 #1 dollyp 2015-04-18 14:30
Well blow me! What a surprise?

The numbers have fallen by just 3% but I bet the cost will have more than made up for the saving.

The moral - don't trust politicians.

Mr Tired Git

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