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Last month we revealed that we had heard from three members whose PIP report carried out by Capita doesn’t give the type of qualification held by the health professional. Instead, in the box for ‘Type of professional’ it simply states ‘Health professional’.

We contacted Capita about this, as it appeared to be unacceptable practice for a health professional to decline to disclose their qualification. It seems that Capita have now talked to the DWP and discovered that, for once, the DWP agrees with Benefits and Work.

A Capita spokesperson told us:

“All of Capita’s health professionals are qualified to carry out PIP assessments and undergo training according to the Department and Capita’s quality standard.

“DWP has provided guidance stating that PIP health professionals, who are made up of occupational therapists, nurses, physiotherapists, paramedics and doctors, are now required to share their specific professional background on the PIP report form.

“Capita has communicated this requirement to its employees and will continue to enforce it.”

So, if your assessor doesn’t reveal their qualification, please contact Capita and we’re sure they’ll be happy to put things right.

Thanks to those members who alerted us to this issue.  Please keep us posted about any other problems.


#6 Karon 2019-05-22 10:04
Is there any current update on this matter? Im having a domicillary assessment this morning and the assessor rang earlier to find out if i had a dog, and to say she wouldn’t/couldn ’t have it in the room! Whilst she was on the phone i asked what medical area she was qualified in as i had been told fir MS the assessor should be an MD... she said she wasn’t allowed to say what area she was qualified in just that she was a medical professional. Reiterating she didnt make the decision! I was given DLA for life in 1992
#5 walrus2106 2015-11-25 14:56
I have found out that the person who carried out my wife's "examination" is a male Community Psychiatric Nurse who just has Health Professional on his badge this was on 12/10/15 at Leicester and at a Capita Centre.
#4 JayneL 2015-09-29 11:27
In Leicester last Tuesday (22/9/15) PIP assessor STILL insisting it is policy for them NOT to reveal qualifications
+1 #3 Sully32 2015-06-02 23:12
I contacted capita yesterday to request this information and I was told they would not give me this information as it would not have made a difference to my FTF because they are trained to carry out of in all disabilities when I asked who I could give me the information they said no one I then rang DWP and asked if the decision maker could give me the information they said they would request a call back but then said they didn't think she would give me the information either
+2 #2 bee bee 2015-04-27 08:45
When I have my face to face assessment with Atos, can I ask the 'Health Professional' what qualifications they have in Mental Health and also Arthritis and Spinal problems?
+7 #1 jima1 2015-04-21 22:28
Whilst I have the greatest respect for all these professions, I do not believe that a paramedic or an occupational therapist would be able to carry out a medical assessment to do with severe diseases such as MS, MND, ME, Carcinoma's etc. etc.

A physiotherapist might be able to a better job than a doctor for those with diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as chronic arthritis and similar conditions.

A nurse may be trained in the care of patients, but they are not trained to carry out medical assessments. The Royal College of Nursing are not happy about nurses doing medical assessments, stating medical diagnoses and assessment of the effects of chronic illnesses and disability should be undertaken by qualified doctors licensed to practice in the UK.

Apparently Capita, Atos etc are finding it difficult to recruit doctors of medicine, because the General Medical Council has stated that it's not the job of doctors to help 'police' the benefits system. I agree totally.

Well said GMC :-)

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