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The DWP claim that the crisis over personal independence payment (PIP) assessment delays is now over, with average wait times down to just 15 weeks from a high of over 40 weeks.

The DWP have released PIP clearance time statistics ahead of a court case taking place later this week.

The statistics allegedly show that the average clearance time for PIP claims is now:

15 weeks from the point of registration for new claims, and

11 weeks from the point of registration for DLA to PIP transfers.

According to the statistics, waiting times reached a peak of over 40 weeks in July 2014 and have been falling ever since.

However, the figures also show that 29% of claimants had been waiting over 20 weeks for a PIP medical assessment in March of this year, down from 37% in January.

16% had been waiting over 30 weeks, 9% over 40 weeks and 4% – over 3,000 people - had been waiting over a year for a PIP assessment.

You can download the full statistics from this link.

Graph showing PIP waiting times by month


#9 Mr Julius Ilori 2016-05-28 19:22
Please help, I am in the support group ESA and I also recieve PIP,I have recieved these since March 2015...I have severe depression and asthma....I have been asked to attend an assessment two of which I had to cancel quite simply because I DO NOT GO OUT and have a friend that looks after me (good friend)....he has offered to come with me to the assessment but he himself had to cancel one of these visits due to family and health issues , he is 67 yes old...The assessment has now been rescheduled (again) to 16/5/16....it is over over 90mins away by car (there assessment) and I am getting increasingly worried and anxious and this is now affecting my asthma.....my friend has offered to take me but can not guarantee this....I am truly worried that I may not attend this assessment as the thought of leaving my home feels me with dread. They have refused to grant me a home visit... Please what can I do?? Thanks.
#8 meninx 2015-08-19 17:11
Well the good news is my DLA was renewed in two weeks
Amazing and until 2020
So that leaves me clueless about when I have to claim PIP
Thanks for the support John it's nice to know I am not completely paranoid
Let's just hope they get round to me in 38 years
+1 #7 John Raymond 2015-08-19 13:21
Hi Men inx
This is a very interesting posting indeed.Yes what appears to be happening is that more and more claimants of fix term DLA are simply being invited to apply for it again and not the v PIP.
You are totally correct in thate this is a tactic to manipulate the PIP statistics .
What it also means is that there is and will be a massive backlog v when all DLA claimants including those von indefinite DLA are asked to apply for PIP. Kate Green MP has estimated that it would take 40 years to process the 5 million people claiming DLA /PIP .
#6 storm 2015-06-02 18:16
I had a letter saying they had got my form for PIP on 18th May, on the19th May I had another letter saying I have an appointment on 5th June.
Is this a record. It goes on to say that the health professional will write a report based on what we talk about at the consultation.
It then says that a high proportion of the completed reports will be quality checked before sending them to DWP, it then says they will contact the selected person for more information if you are selected for quality checking. They will then send your form to DWP
as soon as soon as it has satisfied the quality checks. Why are ATOS quality checking so many reports, has anyone been selected for this check. Is this a ploy to get the waiting list down, if you look like you are worthy of PIP you get on your first appointment if not it's a medical. Can anybody shed some light on this new method.
Regards Storm
#5 Clelld69 2015-05-22 18:11
I had my esa assessment carried out by atos in November last year. They declared me as unfit to work and put a period of two years before a further assessment.

I have now been advised that atos will be conducting my pip assessment even though I said they could use the esa reports to help their decision.

Just doesn't seem right that they can say yes one way and no the other way. Not exactly consistent. I know I've not had a decision yet on my pip but I'm stressed out worrying about it.

Less than a week after receiving the notification that dwp had passed my file to atos, I received a date for my assessment. The 9th June. Just too soon plus the person I was taking with me was away that week. Got it rescheduled to 15th. I asked atos wh y they had conducted my medical in November that they couldn't read the reports from that. Different procedures they said. However at no point did they mention anything about quality control checks

It's looking like the second date might not be suitable as one of my disabilities has flared up badly and family are screeching at me to get to hospital for treatment. Just not getting any sleep, stressing about the whole thing. I then look at my medication which comprises if over 20 pills a day and that's not changed in four years and sorely tempted at times if it weren't for my family.

The welfare advisor who helped complete my form said take all the tablets and aids to the assessment. That meant nothing though, when I went to an esa assessment they wrote on my medical report that I didn't wear glasses. Glasses are a permanent fixture to my face. So really just don't trust them to write down the truth.
#4 meninx 2015-05-20 15:58
This is very interesting
My DLA was due to be renewed in May this year but it was extended to September
I got the renewal forms this week and I will still be claiming DLA
Not PIP as I was expecting
Looks like more underhanded deceit going on as DWP seeks to bring down PIP waiting times by getting people to claim the old benefit instead
Clever move
+1 #3 comind 2015-05-20 14:08
I work in Coventry with people with severe mental health problems and many of them, having given details of the problems they have going to unfamiliar places, are being asked to travel to Birmingham, Northampton or Leicester for their assessment. Presumably this is one of the strategies for reducing the waiting time for PIP assessments.

The problem we are having with this is, we ask to change the assessment to the local assessment centre, which is done. Then Capita change it again to a centre other than the one in Coventry. As claimants are only allowed to change their assessment once, they are unable to attend and so their claim is closed down. Although, we are able to get the claims re-opened by giving reasonable grounds for non-attendance, this adds to my work and causes unnecessary worry and distress to the claimants.

I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem of either a) being asked to travel out of your local area, having said that you have problems with unfamiliar journeys, or
b) Changing the assessment to a place or time that is more appropriate for you and then having it changed again by the assessment provider.
#2 carruthers 2015-05-14 17:40
Quoting ken:
I sent my pip form in, got a letter only a few days later sayin they had got it. A few days later I was given about a weeks notice of assessment.
REALLY fast.

Who were you dealing with, Atos or Capita? Also is your assessment being done by the organisation itself or is it being outsourced?
#1 ken 2015-05-14 01:39
I sent my pip form in, got a letter only a few days later sayin they had got it. A few days later I was given about a weeks notice of assessment.
REALLY fast.

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