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The number of employment and support allowance (ESA) sanctions increased by almost a third in the last two months for which figures are available, statistics published by the DWP today show.

The ESA and JSA sanctions statistical release shows that ESA sanctions in 2015 increased as follows:

July 1,096

Aug 1,272

Sept 1,831

The last time sanctions were as high was in April 2015.

ESA sanctions reached their highest point in March 2014, when 3,695 sanctions were handed out.

Meanwhile JSA sanctions have fallen dramatically from a high in October 2013 of 90,974 to 21,973 in September 2015.

No explanations for the changes in either ESA or JSA sanctions rates have been offered by the DWP.

You can download the full statistics from this page.


#2 J Maxwell 2017-01-13 22:16
Hi I was wrongly sanctioned over the Christmas and new year periods. I was told on the 23rd that they had my paper work explaining my reason for not attending ingeas work program. I was doing community service (the first and last time I've been in trouble with the establishment) was told yes we have your paper work but we've not looked at it yet. Having a young family over Christmas on benefits is hard enough but to be sanctioned over Christmas is just wrong. They had my reason for not going and even the lady I attend at ingeas said she would phone them and tell them that I had phoned her and explained why I didn't attend. It was one appointment I had missed. Having struggled through Christmas I was told I could get a crisis grant. Ha it was like begging for money. Told them I had no money electricity's or gas IAS told at 15-00 that I need to come into paisley I stay in Johnstone 6 miles away to come in to the office with bank statements to prove I had no money. Informed them I have no money together in and was told I will be declined for a grant. All in all a very grim Christmas for my family and my first trip to the food bank SANCTIPONED AT CHRISTMAS and wrongly to make !matters worse. Eventually some one had bothered to look at my paper work and oot was overturned and got !my money backdated. The stress myself my partner went through at Christmas made me I'll and my kids with no Christmas dinner noodles for Christmas dinner was not fun
+3 #1 ThisGovernmentsGoneToFar 2016-02-17 22:27
I just they would just leave us alone as if life ain't hard enough in this country. They just don't care what lo-life tactics they try ........

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