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The latest personal independence payment figures released by the DWP this week show a fall in success rates across the board. The percentage of new claimants who get an award of any sort currently stands at 42%, while 70% of disability living allowance to PIP reassessment claimants get an award.

PIP award rates
Overall the percentage of PIP fresh claims, excluding terminal illness, which have resulted in an award of any sort is 47%.

However, this has fallen dramatically from a high of 62% in March 2014 to the current rate of 42% in April 2016.

Overall, the percentage of DLA to PIP reassessments, excluding terminal illness, which have resulted in an award of any sort is 72%.

Award rates were at their highest, at 80%, in March 2014 but had fallen to 70% in April 2016.

Award components
For claims excluding terminal illness, of those who received an award:

  • 37% received daily living only
  • 7% received mobility only
  • 56% received both
  • 54% received a component at the enhanced rate
  • 21% received both components at the enhanced rate

35% of those with an award received it because of ‘Psychiatric disorders’ (which includes ‘Mixed anxiety and depressive disorders’ and ‘Mood disorders’) as the primary disability condition

20% of those with an award received it because of ‘Musculoskeletal disease (general)’ (which includes ‘Osteoarthritis’) as the primary disability condition.

PIP to DLA reassessment components
Of those DLA claimants who got an award when reassessed for PIP:

  • 173,300 (66%) received an award at the enhanced rate.
  • 87,100 (33%) received the highest level of award i.e. both enhanced rate for daily living and enhanced rate for mobility.

You can download the complete set of PIP statistics from this link.


+1 #2 carol buttery 2016-08-30 22:32
Does anyone actually read the forms filled in? I cannot walk more than 20metres due to arthritis and COPD, recently having broken my back I notified that I cannot use public transport.Today I have received an appointment for 8.10am, over 50 miles in total including well over 3miles of walking.and 2 to 4 trains. I have phoned to explain this is impossible and told there is nothing they can do.Not even a Drs letter would help,even if I could manage to see a Dr before my appointment.
#1 Cobhireland 2016-07-03 00:03
I've posted a story on statistics on the 'submit a story' but perhaps it belongs here:


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