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The government is phasing in the new lower benefit cap between 7 November and 23 January, with more than 60,000 families expected to have their income drastically reduced.

The new lower cap of £23,000 a year for families in London and £20,000 a year outside London replaces a national cap of £26,000.

The higher cap currently affects 20,000 families, but the new lower cap is expected to affect 88,000 families.

Families already subject to the higher cap will be especially hard hit, with families outside London losing £6,00 per year while those in London will lose £3,000.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has stated that the new cap may affect families with as few as two children who are renting in the private sector, whereas the higher cap primarily hit families with large numbers of children.

In addition, whilst the higher cap primarily affected families in London, the new cap will hit claimants across the UK.

The majority of those affected will either be sick or disabled claimants in receipt of employment and support allowance or lone parents getting income support

Work and pensions secretary Damian Green enthused about the cuts to the incomes of disabled claimants and lone parent families, saying:

“By making sure that those people who are out of work are faced with the same choices as those who are in work, the benefit cap has been a real success.

“By lowering the cap today, we are ensuring the values of this government continue to chime with those of ordinary working people and delivering on our commitment to make sure work pays more than welfare.”


+1 #2 satmanbasil 2016-11-11 13:12
The government hide behind a miff that people would sit back and live on benefits rather than work, Its always been the argument of a fair wage for a fair days work having to wait till 2020 just to get the min wage to some sort of normal fair wage is stupid as for employers saying they cant pay it you only have to look at recent trading report by M&S who reported profits of 23 million but then reported it was closing stores as its profits had dropped by 88% this is nothing more than corporate greed and who pays for it ... yes the min wage worker
+2 #1 Thisismyname 2016-11-08 22:55
Benefits are capped so us "scroungers" don't get more money than healthy people who are earning a wage. Yet the minimum wage is £7.20 and allegedly will be over £9.00 in 2020. Our benefits will go down while workers' wages will go up. Doing a 40-hour week at £7.20 per hour bring in £288 before tax. Jobseekers are getting and soon ESA work group claimants will be getting £73.00 per week. How can anyone getting £288 weekly be faced with the same choices as someone getting £73 a week?

Many small companies have already admitted they won't be able to pay all their staff £9.00 per hour, meaning more unemployed and more people claiming benefits ultimately leading to more poverty and misery. More blood on Damian Green's hands. I would love to see the day when a Work and Pensions secretary gets jailed for involuntary manslaughter.

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