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The two private firms which carry out personal independence payment (PIP) assessments on behalf of the DWP are in line to make much more than the expected £512 million from their contracts, the DWP has revealed.

In spite of the fact that 65% of PIP appeals are currently successful and despite the growing unease even amongst MPs about the quality of PIP assessments, the two companies are making far more than expected from their contracts.

In total, Atos and Capita were set to be paid £512 million for their first five years’ work from 2013, which was to include assessing all working age disability living allowance claimants for PIP.

Yet they have already been paid £578 million and had their contracts, which should have run out this year, extended to 2019.

Earnings for the two companies from the contract now appear to be “spiralling out of control” according to shadow DWP minister Debbie Abrahams.

Payouts to the two companies amounted to:

£7m in 2013

£91m in 2014

£198m in 2015

£257m in 2016

You can read the full story in the Mirror.


+1 #9 fil501 2017-04-27 10:13
I've had two First Tier tribunal hearings for a PIP claim I made in August 2014. The last hearing I attended in February 2017 seemed like the decision had been pre-decided and they purely created questioning that would weaken my case, often closed questioning. My evidence bundle was the size of a box file, yet they conveniently 'overlooked' all evidence in my favour. I don't trust the DWP or HMCTS one iota - at the end of the day they are all government officials! I'm going to keep fighting but it's slowly destroying me, especially with having ME/CFS.

If the government isn't going to support sick people it should offer euthanasia on the NHS. At least people could end their misery with dignity if they wanted to. I think people would be queuing up for it the way things are.
+1 #8 VickiT 2017-04-26 20:17
I had my car taken but my MP wouldn't let them you have to keep fighting,your MP can phone the DWP and so you can keep your car.I agree as above the money they are spending on ATOS and the others is probably more than they saved ,it's all a ruse ,they are just making it so hard for us that most give up. If I didn't have children I'd commit suicide as I hate asking for benefits but no one would employ me ,I will stay alive for my children ,so don't give up keep on until you get your award.
+2 #7 fil501 2017-04-26 17:45
The government uses 'the taxpayer' and 'working families' as a smokescreen to cover up the corruption going on at other levels... eg. corporations not paying their fair share into the tax system. People don't realise that tax bills for larger corporations have been nearly halved in the past few years, so you can imagine the huge losses to the treasury from such high-profit corporations. These losses are being absorbed by penalising the poorest in society, and encouraging friction between low earners and benefit claimants, which of course causes yet another diversion as to what is really going on!!
+2 #6 VickiT 2017-04-26 17:02
I was finally awarded PIP after maybe 51 years of illness,I have hospital folders as long as my arms. I worked for 35 years hard ,paid alot of taxes and did pharma trials for this country which have half killed me I did them to give something back. Now billions of people have a cure . I get rewarded by the government with them constantly trying to short change me and not help me ,Luckily the small town I live in know's me well and the MP has seen me many times and thanks to her and the CAB I have finally been awarded PIP. I shouldn't have to beg . My life has been a huge challenge yet I worked my hardest until I couldn't any more ,gave back by risking my life with two Pharmaceutical trials ,I am crippled with arthiritis and have osteoperosis,bl adder dysfunction and depression caused by the drugs I had to take for this country and still they treat me as if I am a criminal telling me that I'm not ill when if they spent time with me they'd clearly see I'm crippled . I raised two children who live in constant fear of my death and didn't ask for disability until I was so bad I can barely walk, IS THIS FAIR? I will be voting for Labour,I'm usually a green but I have to vote tactically,this is putting us back to the victorian workhouse times but we don't have a work house to go to,I have struggled for 15 years and they just keep treating me as a pariah ,If I didn't have the children I'd have committed suicide 5 years ago.
+1 #5 Eileen Aust 2017-04-26 14:21
Very true, my HP did not put in all the information either. I went to appeal and proved it. I did not have a full win but my rate was reduced from high DLA..
In fact it sounded like a different person that was discribed even wearing different clothes.
I attended the appeal wearing the same clothes. This was pointed out on the day of the appeal Plus the fact that I am left handed not right handed. Too many things here to list but my husband thought it was as bad a liable written down about me and was furious as he was/is my carea.
#4 Bill24chev 2017-04-22 04:36
Quoting Dee:
I handed in Motability car yesterday 19.04.2017. This is causing me undurable stress , fatigue , pain and discomfort. . Can I pick it up as the law changed today 20.04.2017. Can Someone advise .

Atos lied in my assessment , however DWP believed them instead and maintained their award. Scored 0 for planning and following a route because I work Can someone please advise

i have mentioned this before on the Forum make a Mandatory Reconsideration if still in time. if out of time make new claim for PIP. If you can afford it buy two cassette recorders ( about £40 with casstees)and request reccorded FtF next time. Make formal complaintto the HCp's Registered organisation E.G NMc for a nurse
#3 Dee 2017-04-20 18:59
I handed in Motability car yesterday 19.04.2017. This is causing me undurable stress , fatigue , pain and discomfort. . Can I pick it up as the law changed today 20.04.2017. Can Someone advise .

Atos lied in my assessment , however DWP believed them instead and maintained their award. Scored 0 for planning and following a route because I work Can someone please advise
+1 #2 David 2017-04-19 15:58
What a shock! Truly surprising! Not.
+2 #1 Bill24chev 2017-04-19 09:50
the primary reason for "oursourcing" public services is/was to improve efficiency and save money for the public purse.

obviously this does not woirk when it comes to Disability assessments because it is costing us the Tax Payer(yes if your income is only Social Security benefits you are still a tax payer) for an hoplessly in efficient system'

Howver this lack of efficiency can be spun to look quite good, for example the DWP stated that only a small percentage of claim decisions are overturned at appeal. this is true if you take the numbrer of appeals won against the full total of benefit decisions.

But it does not take into account the fact that a large proportion of rejected claims are not appealed.

Also the number of posts in the forum were the assessment report bears very little resemblence to the actual medical conditions and disabilities of the claiment suggest that ther is one of these problems with the assessors
Poor quality asssessors
Poor training
or pressure from assessment company management or DWP to reduce claiments.

I suspect it is a combination of all three.

Whatever the cause I believe that the Puplic Spending authorities should now take ATOS Capita and Maximusas well, to task.
Of couse it all depends on if the Govenment want a fair system or one biased against the claiment.

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