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The number of disability living allowance (DLA) claimants being forced to apply for personal independence payment (PIP) has plummeted, DWP statistics released this week show. The DWP have said only that they are “managing capacity within the system.”

The DWP PIP Official Statistics, published on 14 June show a massive drop in the number of claims registered in April 2017. Claims are registered either when a new claim is made or when a current DLA claimant is informed by the DWP that they have to transfer to PIP.

For the current year, the number of PIP registrations was:

  • January 104,333
  • February 92,327
  • March 83,578
  • April 49,409

That means that there was a huge fall of over 50% in the number of registrations in April as compared to January.

The explanation given by the DWP is that:

“In recent months reassessment registrations have decreased due to DWP managing capacity within the system.”

The DWP also claim that the number of new claims made in April was low due to Easter and a high number of weekends in April.

Nonetheless, the main reason for such a drop has to be that dramatically fewer DLA to PIP cases are being sent to Atos and Capita.

To find numbers of PIP registrations as low as they were in April, you would have to look back to 2014, before the DWP began migrating claimants with indefinite DLA awards to PIP.

We cannot know the precise number of DLA reassessments that took place in April, because the DWP do not give a monthly breakdown of how many registrations are new claims and how many are DLA to PIP reassessments.

However, the DWP do give quarterly breakdowns. So we do know that in the three months to the end of October 2016, 158,400 DLA to PIP reassessments were registered.

In the three months to the end of January 2017, 178,300 were registered.

In the three months to April 2017, just 100,900 were registered.

So, there was a fall of 44% in the number of reassessments in the quarter to April 2017, compared to the quarter to the end of January.

Most of that fall appears to have happened in April itself, meaning that reassessments must have plummeted by at least two thirds, if not more.

The transfer of all working age DLA claimants to PIP was supposed to have been completed by April of this year. In fact there are still around 500,000 DLA claimants waiting for the dreaded reassessment letter to drop through the door.

The DWP are clearly keen to get the transfer of DLA claimants completed, given that they are already so far behind schedule. The fact that they have had to call a temporary halt to the mass transfer of claimants suggests that the assessment providers may be failing to keep up with demand.

It now seems likely that the transfer of all working DLA claimants to PIP will not be completed until some time in 2018.

You can download the latest PIP statistics from this link.


+1 #13 discombobulated 2017-09-12 20:28
Well, I finally had my ATOS F2F assessment yesterday morning, ONLY 9 MONTHS after submitting my PIP2 form. The DWP had written to my GP & I had already obtained a copy of his response, which was correct EXCEPT for one material detail: I offered the ATOS physio lady a copy of my medical records which I had obtained when dealing with my ESA application 3 years ago: since the DWP put me in the Support Group for ESA without a F2F, I did not need to use them at that time, in order to clarify my point. However she declined to accept them, which I believe is contrary to DWP protocol - so I'll send them in directly to DWP, together with a letter detailing the massive amount of obstruction & maladministrati on that my claim has attracted to date, & a full copy of my original PIP2 submission, since both the DWP & ATOS appeared to have different incomplete parts of it which defies logic - but then we ARE talking about the DWP which seems to exist in some form of parallel universe. Will also ask the DWP to send me a copy of the ATOS report which I was advised may take a further 6-8 weeks to produce. After 9 months already, it hardly matters. I think I'm more or less a passenger after that (I shan't miss the mandatory reconsideration deadline, don't fret for me, lol). My Unite Community membership qualifies me for free legal representation should I need to appeal the reconsidered decision. Happy days... :-)
+1 #12 discombobulated 2017-07-19 17:37
Now got a hard copy of the PIP2 information the DWP say they have uploaded from my form (obviously I have my own hard copy of my actual submission - back in December, & hard copy "Signed For" proof of their receipt within their agreed deadline, I'm used to dealing with DWP!). Bizarrely it includes material that the ATOS chap was adamant that he didn't have on his screen, but omits other stuff he said he'd got: there is also a blank from both parties on the multiple X-ray results of the osteoarthritis in my spine!! Suffice to say the next time that I'm tasked with organising a p*ss-up in a brewery, they're off my shortlist for outsourcing, lol... Recovering from the display of utter incompetence before I am composed enough to write a polite letter cataloguing the c*ck-ups to date - will copy Benefits & Work in on that since they've asked for client experiences of DLA to PIP transfers. I wonder if they've seen anything else like this. At least 6 separate administrative errors so far & counting. Will not reflect well on them if I have to take my case to the independent Tribunal...
+1 #11 discombobulated 2017-07-19 12:29
Almost unbelievably the DWP have been sitting on my PIP application for over SEVEN months. I've been pestering them weekly since June & after 3 calls got to speak to a case manager who promised to give my application (which had been "overlooked"!) a maximum manual priority. I then got a call out of the blue from a chap from ATOS who hadn't got my PIP2 details & expected me to give him a summary of the information which I had painstakingly provided in my PIP2 application "off the cuff" over the 'phone. I said that I didn't think that this was appropriate & that he should refer back to the DWP for the missing information, stating that I would also be contacting them (again!) myself to establish how much of the information I supplied in my PIP2 application has actually been uploaded on my system. At first he was very persistent, but he seemed to be a nice enough chap & could understand why I was unhappy so I explained that I have been on indefinite DLA for 15 years on account of my bipolar affective disorder. I added that I have had degenerative osteoarthritis in my spine for the last 10 years, although I hadn't made a new DLA claim including details of my physical disability. Of course PIP is a different animal from DLA & so I've put everything down on my PIP application. He was keen to arrange a face-to-face assessment: I pointed out that whoever they assign to assess me will have difficulties with regard to my bipolar disorder since my own GP doesn't feel himself competent to make evaluations of my underlying state of mental health. The NHS stopped providing me with a "shrink" around 2009 (after 25 years!). Official excuse "service rationalisation " - real reason cost cutting. I pointed out that someone should be considering whether it is even appropriate for me to have a face-to-face. I'M STILL WAITING!!!
+2 #10 gnik 2017-07-01 21:32
Ironically, a few days after I posted something about the apparent slowdown in DLA migration to PIP, I received a letter which I at first assumed was just that - the dreaded PIP letter. When I opened it I discovered that it was a 'Capability for work assessment questionnaire.' This is the fourth ESA50 I've had in six years. So much for Damian Green's words in October about stopping reassessments for those who had been ill (in my case with depression and anxiety) for long periods of time. He said that putting those people through the hoops yet again contributed by adding to the anxiety and difficulties they already have. Perhaps 20 years of managing mental illness (as well as being carer for another) don't come into this category. Now Green has gone from DWP anyway...
+2 #9 Suzi 2017-07-01 13:37
I have just received the dreaded brown envelope asking me if I want to transfer to pip. Why do they not include a pip form with the letter asking that instead we have to request the pip form via telephone?
+2 #8 brian archer 2017-06-22 14:23
Iam67andhave been on DLA for twenty years. C o p d.emphysema and nueropathy,cram ps,osteo arthritis. Waiting for the dreaded brown envelope, dare not tell them I have gotten worse as the worse might happen. Don't think I could stand the appeals system. Is it worth it all. Arch.
+2 #7 billhan 2017-06-22 11:15
Quoting John Raymond:
Spot on Billhan
I estimate that it will take another 7 or 8 yeaes to complete the pip rollout given these statistics

Thanks for the confirmation and detailed logic.

You are right this is even worse than my rough calculations.
This debacle is obviously being hidden from the public
while they concentrate on their flagship UC project.

After they similarly misjudged the migration of 2,000,000
from IB to ESA they should have realised 3,000,000
on DLA would be even more difficult to achieve.

Most people will benefit by staying on DLA for longer
but it extends an unnecessary period of stress and
worry. Many need to know their situation on
benefits so that they can make informed decisions
on things like housing and care commitments.

Leads to more money for ATOS and Capita less
for claimants.
+4 #6 John Raymond 2017-06-22 10:04
Spot on Billhan
I estimate that it will take another 7 or 8 yeaes to complete the pip rollout given these statistics
+5 #5 John Raymond 2017-06-22 10:00
Dear billhann
You are spot on with your comments re dla to pip numbers
Via the official government statistics there are still some 2,000,000 on DLA.(indefinite award) Despite the 1021,000 al,ready reasessesed and even allowing for a small number of claimants who were over 65 as of April 2013,there is a long long way to go before the DLA to pip rollout is completed.
So between 2013 and 2017 only about one third of all DLA indefinite award claimants have been reassessed! !!
With a huge 44%drop in reassessment rate over the last months plus the 2000,000 claimants on DLA left
I estimate that it is going to take another 7 or 8 yeaes to complete the rollout of pip.
Interestingly the official DWP line is that they select claimants "at random "
Code for a piecemeal marginal approch rather than a methodical system because the backlogs are huge and the DWP cannot cope.
You watch by the time current claimants reach 65 they will be told they can keep their DLA anyway!!!
We shall see.
Best wishes and thank you for your valuable observations Billhan
+4 #4 Francisca 2017-06-21 15:30
Speaking purely from my own point of view, the longer I'm left on DLA without an attempted transfer to PIP the better. Our mortgage still has a couple of years to go so I worry about losing DLA in a review (although I have an indefinite award).

That said, the fact that this entire department is a complete shambles and totally financially motivated is appalling but nothing new!
+5 #3 gnik 2017-06-21 14:12
Possible explanations:

1) Atos & Capita are short of staff to do the assessments. Who with any shred of humanity would want to do work like this? The firms have a terrible reputation, and so do the assessments themselves.

2) DWP themselves are short of staff. The lower scales of DWP are hardly well-paid, and many may be opposed to the 'reforms,' and disgusted by what it has caused in some people's lives. With the number of appeals being fed into the system, DWP are too busy dealing with them to start creating even more.

3) More MPs (even some Tories who supported the reforms from 2010 onwards) are beginning to realise the inhumanity of DWP policy. Now we have a minority Tory government in a very shaky situation, the last thing they want to do is aggravate benefit claimants.

4) Those of us who have been on DLA for maybe 15 or 20 years are determined that we will not be bullied and frightened any more, even if do we have mental health problems. We will demand to be treated like human beings, not like human dross.
+7 #2 billhan 2017-06-20 21:12
Thank you for this interesting information and the link to the
relevant Government statistics.
These seem to show that 1,021,000 people have been transferred over from DLA to PIP. When PIP was announced they made very clear that over 3,000,000 people were in DLA. Surely this means that
there are over 2,000,000 still to be transferred to PIP?
The Government schedule was for this all to be complete in the two
years up to October 2017. Very vast miscalculation!
If it is 500,000 on DLA still to move to PIP they can expect a letter
in the next few months, if it is 2,000,000 it will be a delightfully
Long wait in most cases.
Does anyone have any clarification on these figures?
+6 #1 mike 2017-06-20 16:09
That half a million claimants on dla are still awaiting that bloody brown envelope for reassessment to pip is an utter disgrace. What is it two years behind? Three years, now to be told it could be another one to two years before it arrives beggars belief.
Is there any other benefit or service or organisation that can treat it's customers, claimants or clients in such a carefree attitude. Oh, it's okay because your getting your benefits, what's the problem?
The problem is many people have now got worse over the last few years, but they are "afraid to mention it in case they become even worse off.

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