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A few months ago we published a set of PIP GP Notes in the members area. These are a copy of the PIP descriptors you can take your GP to ask them to select which ones they think apply to you, add any comments and sign and date as evidence for your claim or appeal.

We’d be grateful for any feedback about whether you’ve used them, how helpful you found them and any changes you would suggest before we decide whether to create a similar resource for ESA.

Many thanks to Gordon for taking the time out of his demanding moderation schedule to create the notes for us.


#35 James 2019-12-11 15:01
I've just completed an application for transfering DLA to PIP. On the day I posted it I recieved a Capability for Work Assessment form to be returned by 07 January 2020. I've being sick since 1998. I'm under the care of three different consultants and the GP. I don't have a positive history with the surgery so I'm not confident that the GP is the best professional to represent me fairly. Also the current GP has only known me in the last five years. I last saw him in October and as I said goodbye he said "don't come back". He said it jockingly but the relationship has been tetchy and I'm trying to avoid seeing him let alone ask for favours. Unlike the PIP form, the ESA form only ask for Details of the GP. I am worried that the GP will not be very supportive. I see two conultants for the two main medical issues. I see them three times annually and more frequent when necessary. They have know me since 2010, are supportive and may provide a support letter. I have requested a letter from one consultant and I'm waiting for his response. Is it possiblie that I can give the details of a consultant rather than the GP on the ESA form?
#34 queencorinne 2017-10-16 22:58
We took the GP notes to the doctor and he said if we complete them as I know my husband best as I care for him, he will look over them and sign & date for him
#33 Roubiliac 2017-10-16 20:01
Used them but the GP said she didn’t know what they were and had never seen them before.
I had pencilled in the answers and comments. She just wrote over it in ink.
#32 EllayBee 2017-10-03 23:22
I didn't use the exact GP notes but I used something very similar for my husbands tribunal. The GP wrote excellent notes for each descriptor but they were all dismissed. They were handwritten and our GP doesn't have very neat handwriting. At first they queried whether she had actually written them, even though they were officially stamped. Then they said they would not consider them because they didn't believe the GP had witnessed first hand how my husband managed in the house eg. Preparing food, getting dressed. We eventually won enhanced care and standard mobility but it was a hard battle and it should have been enhanced mobility as well.
#31 Alex 2017-10-03 14:53
Don’t be scared – form great + my GP was brilliant I know not all will be but it does give some sort of indication of what they will/can do.

I had an initial appointment and nervously mentioned the form as I really thought she/they wouldn’t have the time + would say so! However, she then told me to book a double appointment + not only completed the form but added loads of stuff I hadn’t even thought of!
#30 taylor 2017-09-29 17:06
Dear Benefits and Work,
I used your GP notes and my doctor completed them, he ticked the descriptors that he thought but only added short comments in a couple of them. I cannot say if they made a difference to my claim because when I attended my PIP F2F the HCP told me and my partner that they had not read all of my paperwork, he went on to say that I should have not been called for a F2F as anything you send in is checked by a nurse first to avoid unnecessary assessments.He also went on to say that if I did not get an award I should appeal straight away !
#29 allyson robinson 2017-09-29 08:37
Hello, I have tried to follow your instructions on getting to the. Toes , but I can't find them.

Is there a search box I can use, which will give me the link?

Many thanks
-1 #28 queencorinne 2017-09-27 23:35
Can you get a CPN or Psychiatrist to sign the GP notes
#27 Andrew Corrigan 2017-09-27 17:18
Quoting em:
Can someone please send me a link to where i can fiind these as can't seem to see them in the members guides area? Thanks

Firstly Click on members only guides. Then Click on PIP .And underneath the title PIP resources the fifth one down you will see in bold blue , PIP GP Notes , Click on this to reveal contents
+1 #26 grumpyoldwoman56 2017-09-23 12:55
After receiving DLA for five years, I was awarded nil points for PIP. I decided to reapply and used your GP Notes for my gp. My gp did a very concise letter for the DWP after using the notes. I actually have been awarded PIP until I reach retirement age. (I am 60.) Thank you so much for this resource and for all the good work you do!
+1 #25 Malcolm Wells 2017-09-22 19:02
I have not used this concept, but it sounds a very good idea to me. I think as much evidence you include in your application, particularly if the evidence is from a professional the better chance you have of being treated by these gangsters as a serious application.
+1 #24 martinmacMcGowan 2017-09-21 22:16
I have filled out the GP notes ready to send to the GP, i have a complex history and will suggest he reads through my notes and if he agrees, he signs a copy
#23 DebbieH 2017-09-21 21:34
I too am trying to find the PIP GP notes. Please can someone urgently advise where they are. Thank you.
+1 #22 Lima6 2017-09-21 18:29
Quoting Greg Crowhurst:
Please can you supply a LINK to the PIP GP Notes ? As others are saying here, there is no obvious way of accessing them. I really do not need this extra stress. Thanks.

+2 #21 Doodle 2017-09-21 07:52
Hi, I used the notes. After my mobility dropped to standard. After my GP filled out the notes I was awarded high rates in both care and mobility. I am ever grateful, it really helped me. Thank you for all your hard work x
+2 #20 JM1970 2017-09-21 04:42
Yes I used the notes, he wrote a letter which got referred to frequently in my medical report. I received an ongoing award for both components at the enhanced rate.
#19 John Ault 2017-09-20 22:22
Can someone PLEASE give step by step instructions on how I can find & download the PIP GP's notes ?
+1 #18 Gaynor Horton 2017-09-20 21:58
My previous GP was very helpful and had taken the time to get to know us both here. However the surgery's attitude now is any DWP work is non NHS work and charges for it as they accept the dwp recent advice that they do not have to help and believe the dwp will still ask them contrary to what we all know is that they do not. Whether they would deem this form ok to fill in at the Drs would remain to be seen, and would certainly be happy to give it a try. Sadly now the GP's have all changed, we have become housebound thanks to social services being uncooperative too so cannot get out to a GP appt to even go through the form with them and they collectively now do not really know us either. Everything it seems conspires against us.
+3 #17 Annie Oakley 2017-09-20 21:25
I didn't know one of these forms existed, but I did have to pay my GP surgery £25 for a letter stating I couldn't attend a centre-based assessment. This letter wasn't very savvy and it was rejected by Atos and the DWP. As a result I lost my entitlement to DLA for two whole months, while I submitted (urgently) a letter requestion a reconsideration explaining that I have always been compliant. Atos messed me up big-time over directions to the venue - such un-helpfulness all the way up to when I finally had two home-based assessments (transcipt of first assessment was lost!) and 2nd assessment, at home, proved finally fruitful. My view re GP involvement is that they have little time, even if they know you, which these days isn't really possible. A health professional's letter is a good direction to go, but like others, when it came to the literature I gathered together for my assessment - neither assessor was that interested in looking at it. Such a lot of time and energy spent. Awful process.
+2 #16 Crazydiamond 2017-09-20 18:46
I don't wish to pour cold water on the idea of taking a copy of the PIP descriptors to be completed by a GP,, but a PIP decision maker will invariably prefer the report from the Atos/Capita healthcare professional's interpretation of the descriptors over a claimant's GP. The normal spiel put forward by the DWP is that the GP may have a vested interest in the outcome of the patient's claim, whereas the HCP will not.

If a PIP adverse decision ends up at an appeal tribunal and a GP says "Mr/Mrs .......... tells me....." when referring to the descriptors, there is a distinct possibility that the tribunal will dismiss it out of hand as not being independent, and therefore render the information useless.

Bearing in mind a claimant may have to pay a substantial fee for the GP to complete a descriptor form, if it is rejected, it will prove to be a waste of money. I am not saying that all appeal tribunals will adopt this attitude, but from experience they tend to be sceptical when a claimant requests information in support of a claim/appeal, and mayl ask if an appellant has simply "put words into the GP's mouth" rather than their own actual knowledge of the patient? However, it will be for the tribunal to weigh the (medical) evidence and say why it accepted or rejected it?

There is, as mentioned in a previous post, that a GP may refuse ooint-blank to complete the descriptor form, in which case it will be for an appellant to persuade the tribunal that they are entitled to a Personal Independence Payment

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