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In spite of pleas and warnings from politicians and charities, the massively speeded up roll-out of universal credit is going ahead. Legislation enabling the roll-out has now been published and David Gauke has confirmed there will be no turning back and no changes to the current system.

Last month we published stories detailing how much concern there was over government plans to roll out UC to 50 areas a month.

We pointed out that the chair of the work and pensions select committee, Frank Field, warned that the plan would lead to ‘a human and political catastrophe’.

We also highlighted Citizens Advice’s view that the expansion of Universal Credit is 'a disaster waiting to happen'.

However, Gauke has ignored all the urgent warning he has been given and given the green light to increasing the speed of the roll-out by a factor of 10, from five areas a month to 50.

The sole action Gauke is taking is:

“refreshing the guidance to DWP staff to ensure that anyone who needs an advance payment will be offered it up-front. Claimants who want an advance payment will not have to wait six weeks. They will receive this advance within 5 working days.”

Whether reminding DWP staff of the guidance they are supposed to follow will really make a dramatic difference to the levels of hardship suffered by UC claimants is something that will quickly become clear over the next few months.


+2 #5 tintack 2017-10-12 17:07
Quoting twigesa:
New Labour introduced ESA in october 2008......remember

Corbyn's Labour could hardly be more different to New Labour.
-2 #4 twigesa 2017-10-12 16:52
New Labour introduced ESA in october 2008......remem ber
+2 #3 tintack 2017-10-05 16:40
Quoting Kevin:
Universal Credit as not been thought out and it will effect the sick and disabled people.

On the contrary, it has been thought out - it was designed to screw over the sick, disabled, unemployed and even those in jobs with relatively few hours. And that's exactly what it's already doing. The multiple problems already obvious in the pilot areas are not glitches in the system - they are the system. It's "working" exactly as it was intended to. It's no wonder the Tories are pressing ahead with the roll-out.
+2 #2 Kevin 2017-10-05 10:29
Typical tory government they always attack vulnerable people. I'm old enough Remember Margret Thatcher years - Poll Tax. Universal Credit as not been thought out and it will effect the sick and disabled people. I'm severely disabled with Multiple Sclerosis and this tory government have changed the benefit system five times in since 2008 - and they should be ashamed at what they have done. It was not our fault what happened in the banking crises.
+2 #1 tintack 2017-10-04 14:52
A fine example of the Tory version of evidence-based policy: look at what the evidence says, then do the exact opposite.

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