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The DWP have announced the proposed benefits increases for the year beginning April 2018. Personal independence payment (PIP) and disability living allowance claimants (DLA) will see a rise of a minimum of 65p up to a maximum of £4.25 a week, depending on what components and rates they receive. Employment and support allowance (ESA) support group claimants will get an extra £1.10 a week.

Whilst many working age benefits, such as jobseekers’ allowance continue to be subject to the four year freeze which began in April 2016, there are very small increases in other benefits including carers allowance, DLA, PIP and the support component of ESA.

Carer’s allowance is rising from £62.70 to £64.60 a week.

Disability living allowance rate rises are as follows:

DLA care component
Highest rate rising from £83.10 to £85.60
Middle rate rising from £55.65 to £57.30
Lowest rate rising from £22.00 to £22.65

DLA mobility component
Higher rate rising from £58.00 to £59.75
Lower rate rising from £22.00 to £22.65

Employment and support allowance work-related activity component continues to be frozen, but the support component will rise from £36.55 to £37.65

Personal independence payment rate rises are as follows:

PIP daily living component
Enhanced rising from £83.10 to £85.60
Standard rising from £55.65 to £57.30

PIP mobility component
Enhanced rising from £58.00 to £59.75
Standard rising from £22.00 to £22.65

You can download the full proposed benefits rates for 2018 to 2019 from this link.

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